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When the ceiling starts to melt

So last night was me and my friends first time tripping.

So last night was me and my friends first time tripping. It did not take much for me to convince my friend, T, to trip. I had just purchased a quarter yesterday feeling excited and somewhat anxious at the same time. Well, it was about 10 o'clock when we first started to ingest the mushrooms. I am not sure of what strain they were, all i know is that they were EXTREMELY potent. After eating about a gram and half each, we wait for about an hour. After nothing happened we ate some more, and then some more. All of a sudden i look at the ceiling and it looks like it is dripping some sort of white liquid. I remember telling my friend that the "ceiling was melting". For some strange reason this made me laugh a good amount. We soon started watching finding nemo, which i would GREATLY recommend to anyone tripping. The colors are amazing, the way they seem to stick out. When that movie ended, i was tripping a good amount. BUT i kept wanting more. I wanted the full deal, so we decided to eat the rest of the shrooms. BAD IDEA! After eating them all we popped in the movie the incredible hulk. This is when i felt like i had an epiphany. Out of nowhere i start to see myself sitting there, i was having an out of body experience. I felt like there was no space or time, that it seemed to drag on endlessly. I then saw my grandfather floating through the ceiling, and he started speaking to me. I had just suffered his loss recently, so it had been in my mind. I kept asking him questions about the meaning of life, where I'm going with mine, and i also questioned my faith alot. I then felt some sort of connection between myself and everything around me. I realized that everything is god. I am god. God is me. Now everything is like looking through a kaleidoscope. I could BARELY walk, and i was afraid to look at myself in the mirror. I force myself to get up, and i go to the bathroom. I decided to face my fear. But when i looked into the mirror, i did not know what i saw. Thats when everything seemed to go downhill. The movie started putting me in a bad trip. I went from extremely happy to being scared shitless in a matter of hours or minutes or seconds. I was not able to tell what it was. Soon enough i felt as if i were dying, or going insane. I was sure that i would not make it through this without going crazy. I wondered if i would EVER go back to normal again. I felt like the only thing keeping me within a grip of reality was the dog laying next to me. And thank god it did. I felt like it was god as well. Eventually around 5 AM i had sobered up. But not after i questioned everything i had accomplished in my life. I felt incomplete, like something inside of me was missing. And then i realized that it was the fact that i felt like i had not cared for my friends and family the way i should. I called about 10 people at 5 am just to tell them that i loved them and needed them. I had gone to hell, heaven, and back. I realized that the power of the mushrooms are mystical, powerful substances, and that they are to be respected with the highest amount of respect possible. You do not realize they can change your life until after it happened. Feeling like i was dying was the worst and best feeling of my life. I woke up this morning feeling renewed, washed free of everything i had done wrong. It was my epiphany, and my suffering. I endured it. And i have NO regrets at all. I experienced what i had hoped i would experience.

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