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What was last night !?

I've definately sworn of shrooms for a little while.

I've definately sworn of shrooms for a little while. Last night was insane. It started out with my brother, one of my friends and me boiling down a garbage bag full of shrooms and each drinking a 1/3 of this "shroom tea". We stopped counting how many shrooms were in the pot after 100. For anyone wondering the amount of tea was equal to about a super sized coke at a fast food resturaunt. A lot of liquid to drink for something that tastes like shit. I had to take a few big gulps of the tea and then drink some orange juice to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. Well after about ten minutes of drinking the tea we managed to finish it all. My brother and I had each tripped plenty of times before and tripped pretty hard. This time however we decided that we wanted to have a level five experience and have a loss of ego. This probably wasn't a good idea to do with my friend who had never taken shrooms before but here it goes. I'd say after about 5 or ten minutes after we'd finished drinking the tea I began to notice the visuals. I saw the grains in an oak table and cabinet move around. Just a few minutes after I began to notice that I was tripping I remember it becoming very hard to think clearly. Me and my friends started to laugh uncontrolably. I remember trying to think of what was making me laugh like this but I had no idea. I've never experienced this level of "fucked upness" in all the other times that I had tripped before. I had just started tripping and I already had no control of what was happening to me. I was just laughing like crazy wondering if I would ever stop but at the same time thinking how cool it was. It was probably the greatest feeling I had ever had before. I remember comparing it to rolling but it was way different. It was more of a "messed up" feeling like being really wasted but good at the same time. I have no idea how long this period of laughter lasted and couldn't even begin to give a real time period of it. However, it felt like only about five minutes. After this crazy laughing all of us became silent. We had some Marley playing in the background and it shut off for some reason at this time too. I started to get a little panicked at this time and the feelings of uneasyness came. I was trying to remind myself that I was only tripping and that everything was going to be alright. I would also just start talking jiberish sometimes and start laughing during this period to make myself feel better. It seemed like this stage lasted about only 10 minutes, but again this is only percieved time and I have no idea how much time actually went by. This is the point that my trip went to hell. My friend who had never taken shrooms started getting nervous. He started asking me all these questions like, "How long is this going to last?" and telling me that he was pissed off at me for getting him to do shrooms and that this wasn't funny. He also started walking all over the room and just couldn't sit still. He was making me very nervous but at this time I had lost the ability to communicate with people and was just watching him. I was leaned back on a couch with my legs on the coffee table looking at him. He got a poster of spider man and held in in the air. I couldn't tell what he was saying at this point. He just sounded like a little squeaking rat or someone talking really fast and I couldn't understand anything he was saying at this point so I just stopped paying attention to him. I also remember that he looked totally different. His face got really skinny but his cheeks were still puffy. He got about 10 shades tanner and his black hair looked super black. He almost looked like some type of elf or leprachaun. I was not in his apartment anymore either. This place that I was in was just a thought of the place I started my trip. Everything looked different. Distances seemed much farther away and the lighting was creepy and things looked stretched out. It was like looking at a fun house mirror where everything is crazy. This is probably because my eyes were nothing but pupil at this point. I was far too gone to worry about anyone but myself. At this point my trip became the most intense. It was like all the shroom tea hit me all at once. I couldn't speak anymore and I could not move. I slid all the way down in the chair I was in and could not move at all. My muscles seemed to be all tight like they were all firing at the same time like a total body cramp, but one that did not hurt. I blanked out for a little while at this time. I don't know for how long but I remember oppening my eyes and waking up, totally shroomed out. I had no idea what was wrong with me or what was going on. I couldn't keep my eyes open for long periods but things were totally fucked up when I did manage to open them. Things were bright red, orange, yellow and green. I didn't see my brother or friend either. I could hear noises but I did not know what they were. I didn't know where I was or what was happening. I was totally confused. I thought I was going crazy and insane. After what seemed like at least an hour I started being able to think more. I reasoned that I was this fucked up because my brother had tricked me into doing heroin. That was the only thing I could come up with. I just felt like a big junkie at this point and I was really pissed at my brother. I told myself that when I was able to move again I was going to give it to my brother. After more and more time would go on and I kept being able to think better I saw the container that we had the shroom tea in on the coffee table. I finally remembered that we had taken shrooms that night. It was a small relief but things were still crazy. I would close my eyes and see myself running through shroom fields and picking them. Time seemed to go by so fast at this point. I swear I lived about 3 lifetimes during this stage. I couldn't handle being around my nervous friend anymore cause he was just wigging me out so I somehow managed to stand and walk to the bathroom. I locked the door and stayed in there for the duration of my trip. I was still pretty scared but I felt much better being in there by myslef. After an hour or so of tripping in the bathroom the visuals seemed to just all of a sudden stop at a certain instant and that feeling of uneasyness went away. It was the calmest calm and best feeling I had ever felt. I felt so at peace with myself. I stayed in there just thinking about things for a couple more hours. I also noticed that I had pissed my pants. Somwhere along the night I remember that I had tried to go to the bathroom but couldn't figure out how to unzipper my jeans. I didn't care though. I was just happy to be alive! All and all I am glad that I had such an intense shroom experience and found out what it was all about but don't think I'll ever do it that strong again.

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