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What the fuck am i?

I don't have much of a history with drugs and out of the three I've done, alcohol, weed, and shrooms, shrooms are my favorite.

I don't have much of a history with drugs and out of the three I've done, alcohol, weed, and shrooms, shrooms are my favorite. I've only taken mushrooms once before this experience and the first trip was definitely not as profound as this one.
My friend and I were planning on tripping with some girls in the woods in the mountains just out side of town. My friend A and i got up, ready for some great tripping, waiting for one of the girls to get done with work to meet up and go into the mountains. I called one of the girls to ask what to bring and where to meet up. We ended up meeting at the local Wal-Mart.
On our way over to Wal-Mart my other friend R called and wanted to come along to smoke some weed while we tripped. We went and got him from his dorm and on the way there one of the girls called us and told us that they were having a hard time finding shrooms. This really disappointed me because i barely got any sleep the night before because was soo excited to trip in the woods and in the day because my first trip wasn't that interesting in my entertainment room. I was also fully prepared to trip and it felt like the prefect day to trip in the wilderness.
When we arrived at Wal-Mart they were really sorry that they couldn't get any shrooms and sold my second friend some weed for 5 dollars cheaper. The last time i bought shrooms from these girls i only bought an eighth and they said they had another eighth left so i asked them about it. They had a puzzled look on there face then one of the girls said oh yeah and pulls out a fourth of shrooms which i guess wasn't enough four the 5 of us to trip. So i bought the fourth and left the girls with nothing to do.
We went to McDonald's and got something to eat and figured out where to trip. I remember a great park that was like a deciduous jungle and had a beautiful creek that ran through the middle of it.
We arrived at the park and then friend R decided to trip with us. We all ate half an eighth in the car and went for a walk in the park to find out where to trip. I had an idea of a great place to trip but there was a lot of people there and we had to go down the trail till we found a spot just off the trail which wasn't as secluded as i would have liked but the shrooms were starting to kick in and i felt sick. I had to sit down or i was gonna puke which was happening with friend R also but friend A felt totally fine. Friend R wanted to find a better spot but i felt soo sick and was really close to puking.
I sat down on a rock feeling really sick. We where right by the creek and i was trying to get passed the sickness part when all of the sudden friend R who felt sick started freaking out about this being a bad spot and he kept freaking out about it until he sat down and told me that the ground was moving. I suddenly lost my nausea and decided to go sit on a rock in the middle of the creek to put my feet in the water. This felt soo good i told friend R to come out into the water because it felt soo good. He didn't want to and just sat there staring at the ground. I sat on that rock just feeling soo great watching friend A sit there playing with rocks. I asked him if he felt it yet and he said he had a slight high like with weed but wasn't seeing anything.
Then friend R went running across the creek and collapsed on the other bank i was soo funny i couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so hard when he kept poking his head up like he was looking around really fast. Then he disappeared and was further up the bank and then he started mumbling things that we couldn't make out and he walked down a log into the creek and made his way back to us.
I was squatting down on the rock and picked up a rock from the water and marveled at the patterns on it. My friends said that i looked like golem with the ring so i started to say golem the way he did in the movie and said the rock was my precious. After awhile of that i was staring at my friends on the shore the hallucinations started to come on really strong and i was getting the peak of the trip. the shore that my friends where on where almost like painted in pastels and 1 kept staring at friend A and he said "what?". I told him how i thought a tree was growing out of his mouth and that it was soo amazing. What i didn't tell him, what i couldn't tell him, was what else i was seeing because is was soo profound that it was unexplainable. I came up with a word/slang for it it was just like a pu-haaaaa. Friend A had his normal face and half of each side of his face just behind his actual face like this {(' ')} the (' ') is his normal head and the {} are his second half faces be hind his normal one. This happened with almost everything but it was all soo vibrant that i just was soo amazed. This is when it started to become overwhelming and i went and sat between friend A and R. This i thought would make me feel safe but it just kept getting scarier and scarier like in a sense of being out of control. I just wanted to go to sleep because it was the only thing that was normal and that i could relate to normal life.
I wanted to puke to prematurely end the trip but i fought through it and ended up not knowing what i was, where i was, or what i was doing. I had to go piss but i didn't know how and i was afraid to leave my rock i was sitting on. I started talking to friend A about random stuff and friend R kept telling us to stop talking and just enjoy it but i kept talking and i couldn't stop. So i told friend A to shut up but i kept talking to him and he got mad at me for telling him to shut up when i was still talking to him, it was pretty funny. Then he and friend R started to talk to each other about important stuff and i kept interrupting them telling them i had to go piss over and over. They got annoyed with me and said if i didn't go piss that they would punch me in the balls. So i got up and everything seemed soo foreign The trail that went by was so different that i was scared to venture very far and i started laughing because i just wanted to laugh and and my friends where really confused and kept telling me to piss so i went over to the trail and started to do what i guess was pissing at the time and i was amazed at what i was doing the piss going every where was so weird that i didn't know why i was doing it and i didn't know what my penis was or what it was used for. I went back to my rock and sat there wondering still what i was but i didn't forget that the two beings around me were my friends and im glad i wasn't alone. We kept talking about life and i decided to go out to the rock in the middle of the creek and while i was out there my mom called and i had no idea what to do my friends told me to answer my cell phone.
I answered it and she said that a girl was looking for friend A and he needed call her before i handed the phone to friend A to get her number i asked the only question i knew was normal to ask to my mom and that was, "Mom whats for dinner?". My friends got laugh at that and i starred at the water it was soo flat like a piece of plastic wrap was stretched over the rocks below the surface. Then i went back to the shore and got my phone and sat down again then i went and took another weird piss and sat down thinking about what normal life was and why we are on this planet. I didn't get any answers but the thinking was wonderful that i was experiencing a full reason for living check. I started to come down from the peak and i was feeling so great everything was perfect for about ten minutes then i sort have lost reality again but i came back and my friends and I talked about life and religion. I wanted to go some where else but my friends didn't want to move but after awhile i got them to continue on the trail and along the trail we came to a bridge over the creek and was like the perfect time because the sun started to set and it was just soo beautiful and we named the place where we tripped the past and we left that behind and it felt great. We then stood there on the bridge watching the sun set when a family with kids and a grandpa walked by us and it felt like we connected with the grandpa because he said that it was a beautiful day and we knew he was soo right. Then the kids went by and there mom told them they were going down a trail that we came from and they asked why and we all were amazed that the little kids had the answer to everything. Connecting with people was quite amazing.
The environmental high set in as i marveled at the foliage surround the trail ahead. We continued down the trail finding these places where the trees looked like they where from a fantasy movie and felt perfect. We journeyed through the forest and came to a bridge that looked to be built for no reason but we crossed it except friend R who said "There is a bridge over nothing yet you cross it". We remembered that this trail went back the way we came so we turned around and walked back towards the car and came upon an Oreo bag that my friend dropped but we had never been there before which was really weird to us but could have easily been left by some one else but it didn't occur to us at the time. We journeyed on and found our car but we went back into the forest and found the perfect spot to trip later on it was perfectly secluded and had a creek and a log to sit on it was an amazing spot. The log we sat on we named the log of bad tidings because friend R kept bringing up bad things that got him bummed and was really annoying me at the time.
We left the spot and wandered around in a grassy field as friend R called a friend to come get him. Friend A was eating a bush and i was sitting there almost off the environmental high just siting there at the thinking stage. While thinking i was trying to figure out what happened to me when i didn't know what i was and why it happened. I still haven't figured it out. I hope to have experiences similar to that next trip but i would like more answers next time even though the mystery is very entertaining. During the trip time didn't matter and it was the least of my worries but the whole trip lasted about 7 hours including the environmental high.

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