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What is happening?!?!

My first time on shrooms was quite an experience.

My first time on shrooms was quite an experience. I was hanging out at a friends house with 4 other of my good friends. We all got some shrooms, I was a little reluctant at first to take them but I heard so much about it, I just wanted to try it. I've done my share of "experimenting," and I just wanted to try something a little more organic. So we all start chewing our shrooms up, I'm the only girl with 4 guys and they're all doing about 1g each, so I took 1g. I'm not sure if weight has anything to do with how hard it will hit you but I'm about 117lbs, and within 10 minutes I'm really starting to feel it. We're all in this shack house that my friend has in his yard, so we tripped there. I'm sitting on this cot, staring at the wall, and all the sudden the walls start to breathe and things that don't usually move, moved, like on posters and such. I know it sounds cool, but I was just trying to find a place in my head where I was feeling comfortable with it, and for some reason everything went dark. Everyone got up to go outside to check things out and I remember not being able to get up. The room started turning as if you were seeing it crossed-eyed, and then somehow I eventually got up. I went outside, the colors were so vibrant. The grass was lime green, the dirt was purple, the stars were vibrating, then...I start to hear people screaming and then school childeren laughing, it was crazy. So I decided it was time to go back inside. Then the next thing I remember, my mind starts to race at a million miles an hour, to the point where it's almost way too overwhelming. So then after being on other drugs, I've learned to try to find a mindset where you could just tell yourself, "ok, I'm alright," but I just could not, I really couldn't. So I start to ask my friends, "Am I ok?" and even when they would reassure me or try to keep me occupied, I was just in a downward spiral, and I was afraid if I told them I was freaking out that they might freak out and everyone would just be out of their minds, so I just kept my mouth shut. Then it got to the point where I'm in a corner and everything outside the shack just didn't exist, nothing, no universe, nothing. I wanted to go home and just tell my parents "I'm on shrooms, help me!" But even if I really wanted to, I couldn't move. I got to the point where I was looking at my watch every 2 minutes feeling like it had really been an hour, time was crawling especially since I was wanting to come down. So I was looking at my friend and thinking I want to come down and trying to process it to say that to him, but I couldn't, the only think I could say was, "I..I don..I I Don't know." It sucked. Everything was scary. I almost felt like I was on some kind of acid trip(never tried it)but I felt like if someone didn't hold me down I might go running down the street screaming and climbing trees and shit. I felt like this feeling was going to last forever and I was going to die like this. I remember sitting there thinking that I wanted my best friend with me, but I was honestly so gone, I wouldn't have been able to speak with her. I wanted to move but I couldn't, I felt paralyzed. I don't know why I tripped the way I did, but I wish I could've had the happy laughing trip. The psycadelic stuff you see is amazing but the mind trip is intense, so be careful! Now I have a respect shrooms. I'm in a sense glad I experienced fungis. Happy Tripping! <3

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