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This was going to be my first time taking a full 8th.

This was going to be my first time taking a full 8th. I thought this was a big step. before i hadhalf an 8th and had a pretty good time with GREAT body highs and some pretty decent hallucinations. We were going to my friend peters house to shroom. it was his first time. jeff sean and i had done it before so we knew what it was about. i ate mine on a mcdonalds hamburger. this is a great way for eating them u dont taste anything! we went out smoked a few bowls, took some aspirin and some vitamin c and we went back to peters to wait. i began playing madden 2002. jeff and sean were playing old school grand theft auto on the pc and peter and i sat there playing madden and every once in a while id almost feel like little senses of happiness surge through my body. i began laughing for no reason and i would say stupid stuff over and over againa nd thinkit was the funniest thing in the world. the sky in the madden game became deep purple and it freaked me out because normally i could control my visuals. i was happy that something hit me hard enough to blow my mind. i stopped playing madden because i couldnt concentrate i went over to watch gta and it blew my mind watching all the colors on the screens and stuff. jeff and sean were very into it as well. almost staring at the game like they couldnt leave it. next thing i remember jeff mentioned techno music. techno music is the ebst thing in the world when u are on shrooms. it enhances your body high soo much. i then started goin crazy wanting him to get the music. later on he told me i mustve said it 15 times ina row repeatedly telling him to go get the cds. it pissed him off so he yelled at me and for some reason it freaked me out and i crawled away on the floor with an intense feeling of fright. jeff was wearing a green jacket so for some reason i looked at the jacket, thought green, looked at his face and it became green. it was waving with a green color and it was pretty funny to me. i told him he looked like a gd leprechaun. peters mom was upstairs the whole time. someone called my cell phone and i have a cell phone with a blinking antenna that has come in handy a lot during previous trips. so we were all hyped when it rang. i couldnt talk on the phone. my words were jumbled and i couldnt focus on what the caller was trying to say. i hung up and sat there as americas funniest home videos appeared on the tv screen. wow this was so much more funny on the influence of drugs. bob saget was a funny man! for some reason the plan at the moment now was to go out to the car drive around and lisen to techno and go smoke a couple bowls. this freaked me out. i was having a good time sitting there zoning out. i got up witht he feeling that somethign was wrong something was missing. i continued to make circles around the room lookin at the floor thinkinf i was looking for something. i took my chapstick outta my pocket and bit right through it. dunno why but afterwards i looked at the mangled stick and threw it to the floor we then headed outside and i jumped in the car. we to this lil place out in the middle of the desert where people like to party to smoke. my friend called me to meet up. he was with 2 guys that were shrooming also. we sat there playing with my phone antenna and smoking waiting for our friends and talking about life. my friend blurted out how he loved his gf and how he was going to marry her. this weirded me out but good for him i thought after hearing that i got real emotional. everything felt like it had a deeper meaning. peter and sean went in the car as jeff and i sat outside and we talked about life. everything i remember is very blurry and almost like i was livign in a dream. my friends showed up and i sold my last 8th to one of them. i went off to smoke with my friend brandon. we couldnt get the lighter to work int he wind so we walked around and ended up in my friends car. next thing i remember everyone was outside the car yelling at me to get out. it was like i was sleeping or something. i got out and stood up and i thought i was back in time like the summer before and i thought i was drunk. then i relazed what was going on soon after and i sat there in front of the car trying to light the bowl in the wind again. i told everyone i had just fallen asleep because i didnt know what was going on. i felt really dumb. after awhile we gave up on the lighter and went into the other car to smoke. we lit the bowl took a few hits and then jeff changed his mind about us being in his car. next thing i remember we were going to a p[arty but then we decided not to. we went back to peters. the part about peters i hate is his parents wait by the door until u take off your shoes and go downstairs. well i was wearing my lugz that night that lace up in a million different ways so as everyone raced downstairs i blacked out right in front of his mom. i didnt see black or anything it was like i fell asleep and woke up again. i remember bending down tot ake off my shoes then she was holding my face lookin at me laughing and speaking in korean english that i couldnt understand i didnt knwo what was going on so i ran downstairs. the colorful blur fromt he tv filled the room with purple. i layed down in the floor to watch tv and i blacked out again. i woke up looking down at my arms in front of me.. they were a bright orange and everything around me was bright purple. i stood up trying to evaluate what was going on as best as i could. i looked around without a sense in the world. next thing i knew i went over and sat next to peter and asked him how his trip was going. nothing really hit him yet. i dont know why. later on i heard it hit him after we left and he started freaking out on his own. as we drove home i was fading in and out of even being awake i guess u could say. we stopped at a gas station because jeff and seanw anted cigarettes. i was the only one that was 18 at the time. i knew i was grilling too hard to go in. so they yelled at me to go inand it freaked me out. i wouldnt go in so they drove home pissed. when we got to my house i was afraid to go in. i was freaking out about getting caught although everyone was asleep. i got out of the car stumbled to the door and had to ring the doorbell because it was locked and i had no keys! my sister answered it and i sped off to my room ignoring her questions. i began to sort out my shit. for some reason i kept looking for things. id think i was missing something but then i thought about hwere i thought it would be and it would always be there. my phone was always where i knew it was. it was like i was putting it somewhere then going back and getting it thinking i was finding it after missing it for some time. i could guess what time it was without looking at the clock before hand. i jumped in bed and tuyrned on jay leno. aresnio hall was on and the background of the set was a cool purple color so again with the purple. my room filled with purple. some little kid came out next and he made no sense he talked so fast and crazy like i couldnt make sense of any of it. i just stared in amazement. i layed back and stared at the ceiling. i thought the high wasnt going to end. i thought god was shwoing me my life before he took me away forever. i was really scared. i couldnt remember who i was, where i was or why i was there. everything felt foreign to me. i thought about how long i could stand being high until i eventually killed myseld after going crazy from so many years or months of grilling. i began to get really scared. i wrote myself a note. i wrote mt everest, 10 dead, naked on bed smoking marijuana. no more mcdonalds then a smiley face. i kept thinkin sean said something about it earlier. but i had no clue. i layed back in bed and i wanted to go ask my mom for help because i was freaking out. i thought i needed a hospital. i called my friend jeff because i thought he might be messed up too. i asked him if he was alright and what was going on. the whole time i spoke in a terrified whisper. i told him what was going on. he talked me out of my senseless being and i finally knew what was going on. i read him my note and he laughed his ass off. my friend seanw as talking about the book into thin air when we were out smoking. in the book the guy climbs mt everest. 10 of his friends die and he goes home lays naked on his bed and smoked pot. after i knew what was going on it cracked me up to know how freaked out i was. this was definately a weird trip. and one i will always remember. any comments/questions or just wanna contact me. drustudly@aol.com. lata.

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