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What happened?

One night my brother and i got home from a vacation and bought a bag of weed.

One night my brother and i got home from a vacation and bought a bag of weed. There was a festival going on at the park and we decided to roll two huge joints and find an unsespecting stranger to share them with. When we got there some people asked us if we knew where to got weed, so we told them that we would share ours with them for free. They were very happy.
After that they asked us if we wanted any mushrooms. They told us that they were only 5 dollars a gram, so i figured they weren't very good and asked what kind they were. They said that they didn't know but we decided to anyways. They took us to the guy that had the shrooms and we bought four grams to split. I know what you're thinking. A level 5 off of 2 grams each sounds pretty stupid. I didn't even think i was going to trip. I thought the most it would make me do would be laugh a little and brighten up colors a little.
Anyways, we went back to my house around midnigt and ate the shrooms. About twenty minutes after that we smoked some weed to pass some time. We then started playing guitar and noticed that the sounds began echoing from everywhere and we seemed to be reading each others minds as we were playing. It was the greatest thing we ever played, especially for making it up on the spot.
We them stood up and it seemed as though we were twice as big as the room, and we had to bend down to get through the door. We were ery surprised at that and figured that was probably as intense as it was going to get, but that was only the beginning.
We went into my room and lied down and all of a sudden, i began to get the greatest, most euphoric feelings i had ever experienced. I also realized that i had began talking without even thinking about what i as saying. It was like listening to an entirely different person talk and everything i said sounded so new to me, like i never even thought it.
When i finally took the time out to look around my room, i realized that it wasn't even my room anymore. I didn't exactly know where it was, but everything in it was changing into other things, colors, creatures, and unexplainable things. I then began feeling like a was going every place i had ever gone in my life. Every thought i had in my head i began to see, smell, hear, feel, and sense in other indescribable ways. The pictures on my walls began to leave the pictures and walk around. Everything went kind of fuzzy after that, but i remember feeling better and more at peace than i had ever imagined anybody could ever feel. It was the greatest trip of my life, and only off of 2 grams. I now believe that the dose on mushrooms doesn't matter nearly as much as the frame of mind you are in before and during the trip. I will never underestimate 2 grams again!

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