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Is that plane flying backwards?

I am a student at a large public university in the southwest.

I am a student at a large public university in the southwest. I had been itching to do mushrooms ever since my friends back in Connecticut had done them last year. I found some at a party and split an 1/8th with my friend Austin. 4 of my other friends decided to trip the following saturday at my friends' house off campus.
We got there at 1 that day with some micky d's to go with the mushies. We all ate our stems and caps with the food and drank some OJ. After eating, we played Bond for XBox for half an hour while waiting for it to come on. My friend Nate was the first to feel anything... he said the beanbag he was sitting on was moving around. About this time i got the body high. I went outside and had a cig, and eventually everyone joined me. We played with Nate's dog and started babbling like we were really high at this point. We decided to go up on the roof, and this was when stuff started to get real trippy. Palm trees looked amazingly weird, and the breeze felt amazing. We started to really babble at this point, and I asked "wouldn't it be cool if planes flew backwards?" Numerous planes fly over this house because of its location near an airport.
We watched the planes for a bit, and some people went down into Nate's room. I swear, at this point i saw a plane flying backwards... but im pretty sure now it was only a bird flying against the wind, looking like it was hovering.
I had 5 cigs in this time span, and i really didnt want to get off the roof. I convinced Austin to stay there with my and have smokes for a long, long time. We kept talking about weird stuff, like MC Escher paintings and how good candy tasted. We found a box of Nerds up there and devoured them, although i spit mine out because they tasted really, really weird.
Finally Austin convinced me to go down to Nate's room, where everyone else was. We went up to the outside window and scared everyone inside by making crazy Jurassic Park noises. Then we made our way inside. Some of my other friends were over the house who weren't tripping. They were drinking a wine bag and watching the Final Four games. I sat down with them for a while and talked NCAA bball, and i think i managed to be pretty coherent about it despite tripping. Maybe it was because they were drunk too that it made sense.
At this point i found a playboy on the ground and looked inside. The naked ladies seemed ridiculous to me... why would people want to take pictures of naked people, then print them on paper, and send them to guys like us. Weird. Then i flipped to a baseball preview, and found a weird section where playboy put together an all-star team. It had some really weird drawings of the players on it, cartoons with huge heads and hilarious expressions. I thought troy percival looked depressed, and jim edmonds looked like a psycho. It also had a caption that said "If these players played an All-Star team from the 20s, 40s, or 70s, they would not only win, they would invoke the slaughter rule." I thought this was the most asinine statement ever. I took this into Nate's room where everyone else was tripping out. I showed a few people, then called it stupid and threw it on the ground with all my strength. My friend Bo was rolling a blunt and everyone was passing around a pipe, despite the fact that it was having barely any effect on us trippers. We just talked and talked about crazy stuff, and i looked at my friend Nate's pictures... they were really cool. His dog was also in the room, and i was convinced it knew we were tripping. Everyone else agreed. People continually came in the room and asked us how we were feeling. It was pretty funny to have all these drunk people communicating with us. Finally i got people to come outside again, where the wind was. I repeated the same stuff we did before, only we were at the peak of our trip by this point. Somehow we ended up back inside, and my friend put on a Notorious BIG song that kept saying "You got robbed." I inquired to everyone why Biggie was telling me i just got robbed... the room erupted in laughter. We all started rolling around laughing and smoking out of the bong. I managed to take a piss at this point, as i knew i had to piss the whole time, i just kept ignoring it. It seemed to go on and on and on.
The peak was over by this point, and we started to just lay around thinking about how fucked up we had been. I kept wondering how long it would take me to find my center of gravity again. I started to dribble a basketball, and i thought i was the greatest ball handler ever. Finally, i sat down and managed to collect myself enough to pay attention to the Syracuse/Texas game. Slowly i just sat there and recovered from the trip. It was crazy to say the least, although next time i might try a full eighth to see how it is.

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