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what did u give me?

well were can i start?

well were can i start?i guess by saying that this was the first time i shroomed.it was a saturday,and i got a phone call from my cuz.he told me that he could get a hold of some shrooms.figuring that i never tryed them and enjoying paper acid so much i would give them a try.so i gave my long tome friend from philly to see if he wanted to shroom figuring he has done them before.he was happy that i turned to him with my new experminte.he told me to buy 2 eighths. would be fine consedering the price.when i finaly get to his house about 700pm he wanted to go over this kids house.so we went.i showed him the shrooms and asked him how much should we take,he replied the hole eighth,not feeling so sure i asked if he ever took shrooms before ,of couse his answer was yes.so down they went with acouple of beers.15 20 mins later im on the side of the curb sweating my ass off asking to go to the hospital.if that was not bad enough i have my so called no it all friend asking me what i just gave him.all i could say was i thought you did these before.after a 1hr of us complaining,started to see shit that was unbeleavable.shadows of gient snakes on the wall.a man sitting in the middle of the road staring at us.it was time to move.we got in his car and drove under the el.the lights were shining bright and the crack heads on the corner of every street looked like they were the liveing dead.shit melting in front of my eyes,i really thought i was going to die.as time went by i started to come down.when it was over we both went home.a very bad trip

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