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Went to Hell

Well i had tripped before off of shrooms but everytime before I ate maybe and 1/8th at the most.

Well i had tripped before off of shrooms but everytime before I ate maybe and 1/8th at the most. But on this friday night i had bought a quarter of some dried shrooms (stems and caps). I thought I could handle them all so i put them all in a pepperoni roll.

About 30 mins later I was watching tv w/ a few of my friends and the picture and colors began to become blurred. I looked over at the wood door of the closet and the grains were waving like a river. My body started to lose its feeling and pleasent feelings shot through my legs and arms. It was like I was rolling. I decided to play some Dub music (I recommend Mad Professor or Lee Perry) the pleasent beats and lyrics made a nice, chill setting. I began to see my emotions. When I would laugh the room color would turn a yellow or then I would close my eyes and lay back to see blues and purple colors. It looked like I was looking through a Kaleidescope.

The pleasent feelings and nice swirling colors and faces lasted for the next few hours. All my friends were about passed out by this time being around 3am b/c they had been drinking all night. So when i finally wanted to just pass out I couldnt. Time felt like it stopped. I would lay there with my eyes closed and would hear voices in my head along w/ people walking up and down creaking stairs. Doors would slam in my head. At this point I started getting scared. I thought I had become a basket case. I was lying on a love seat so it was pretty cramped. My friend was passed out on the big couch and I wanted to lay on it but he wouldn't move. I put my hands around his neck like I wanted to kill him. What was I thinking? Killing my friend? Then my other friend burst into the room and he was moving in fast motion. His eyes were huge. No white at all in them. I told him to drive me to his house b/c I couldnt stay there anymore. He said ok. When i got in the car i thought there was a dead body in the back seat but were just his clothes. Then I thought he was driving all over the road and as we drove I saw people walking up and down the street dressed in all black. There werent any people out there though. I thought I had died and my friend was the devil. He was talking to me in some different language. It was nuts! Then we drove by a church and I saw all these people coming out of it dressed in all black. It was now like 4:30a.m. there was nobody in the church at that hour. Finally we got to my house and I didnt have my keys to get in so he drove me back to my friends house to get them. I was freaking out at this point and when he went into get my keys I jumped in the passenger seat and stole his car. I just started driving and ended up back at my house banging on the door to get in. Then my two friends came to get me after I stole the car. Both of their eyes were huge w/ no white at all in them. They then took me back to their apartment again where I tried to pass out.

I finally fell asleep the next morning at like 10am and woke up that afternoon covered in sweat. I still thought I was dead until my friends sat and talked w/ me trying to calm me down. I thought I would need therapy b/c I was still freaking out. Finally after a couple bowl hits I began to calm down. This was around 3pm the next day. So my trip lasted about from 11pm fri night to 3pm sat afternoon the next day. I recommend to anyone not to eat this many shrooms unless you are prepared. I think I will stick to eating around an 1/8th or less.

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