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weird as shit

this was the weirdest and funniest trip i have ever had i was sleeping at like 8:00 a.

this was the weirdest and funniest trip i have ever had

i was sleeping at like 8:00 a.m. in the morning,and my friend erny, came over with some good shrooms, he woke me up and like 25 minutes later we were dosing, then like around 9:30 it hit me. i went to the bathroom and everytime i farted or dropped a terd, i would hear this dog bark, and i got up from the toilet and looked at the shit it was fucking morhping into my cousin harry who was part shit part dog and part human, he was asking me to help pull him out of the toilet but i just ran out of the bathroom , and with pants down i ran into my moms room, she wasnt there neither was my dad erny, was diving into the mirror thinking it was a 3-d dimenion to another world and was trying to screw my hampster, i took my farrie out of the cage and it jumped out of my hands and landed on all fours and said fuck you bitch and ran down the stairs so i jumped down the stairs after it and grapped the thing by its tail and swung it around it looked like a giant pineapple and i threw it through a window it hooped back in the window and next thing you know that little shit pulls out a fucking 12 gauge gun, and starts shooting at my ass i haull of and slap the mother fucker but it gnaws my hand off and jumps into the wall and i (really pissed off) grabbed a pole and start trying to poke a fucking hole in the walli hear all these strange voices on the ground and i start seeing like 50 different colors and then my ass starts to float away i try and catch it but it was too fast for me, next thing you know for the next 2 1/2 hours i run around trying to find my way outside so i can pick up bannas from those fat ferries for my uncle howard, (satan told me to do it), though i never actually saw satan for the next 3 hours he kept on telling me to stick my dick into the chimney but every time i tried to a fucking ugly ass shaved cat would jump out of the chimney

i feel uncousius for the next 3 to 4 hours
and i woke up later that night and thats all i can remember
erny walked all the way down the road with a garbage can in his right had saying he was moving to africa

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