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Weight Factor/dehydration?

ok, im 5'6 135 pounds.

ok, im 5'6 135 pounds. the first two times i only had 2.5 grams. this time i had 4.5 g. After the 3rd time i tried i had a, (not bad trip) but more scary. one day i got a call from my buddy who was simply informing me of some mushrooms he came across. so then i met him up at B.K. he put em in this little chicken nugget box and he gave me a shake...so i drove home and ate them, so hopefully i would trip as soon as i got home. its 6 to 6:30 when i ingest these. its a 20min drive. so i ate them and took a drink of this vanilla shake. i finally get home and dont notice anything...then i looked in the mirror and saw the i had no brown left on the outside of my pupil.(exaggeration).keep in mind it was ONLY AN EIGHTH of some normal lookin ones i had the last two times...except it looked as if they were slightly bruised, and tasted like dried old peanuts. after i noticed my pupils were wider than hell i went and took a walk outside and it was fuckin bright..my eyes kinda hurt a bit as i had to shade them. then i got in my car and noticed the fabric was moving almost wormlike but making small distorted patterns. but not worms coming out to eat me. so i got kinda hot in the car and left, and started walking the long way to my apt, and on the way i felt like my eyes were in the back of my skull. which was weird...made me think that i was so close to losing my vision or sumin but that didnt freak me out...cuz ive done lots of mixes of legal drugs and illegal natural drugs. so i get inside my house and just hangout and watch every thing was twisting (spiky roof) bending (cds) and blurry kind of in a way. later my bro came over with his girl and smoked me out cuz i thought it would calm me down as well as get rid of the edge i usually get. then i sat and scrolled through the tv, and every movie that had some drama or any type of chaotic sense really just pist me off and made me change the channel. i tried watching it for a sec but i could not stand it. one show i remember watching that i tried to watch was sex and the city, and i usually like it. i ended up on the country channel cuz i have digital cable and for some reason that really soothed me out. Then i realized my bro and his girl were staring at me like i was gay. so i watched mtv. mtv was cool i laughed a bit, but was more focused on the brighter objects in the picture...but seemed like it was jumping out of the screen and displaying itself an inch to 5 inches closer to me. (lurdacris - pimpin all over the world and emimen booty song) it freaked me out kinda. I forgot to mention i have 4 cats at the time. they walked over me a lot and they looked like the default windows logo screensaver that says xp and floats around the screen. I was not prepared for that kinda trip..so that was only 3 or four hours into it. after the cat trip we went to get ice cream at sonic. we played this cd that my bro gave me that i highly recommend cuz it was as if i was lost in the music. (dj mark farina has a 4 on the cd and its green)they were asking me where to go cuz we were on our way to my girls work and i kept on forgetting which way it was and i finally came to my senses and made the right pointers. i get there and they turned the music off...that suct. this is when my trip went completely bad. kind of. i was eating a double burger that looked like it was flapping its patties at me. i immediately disposed of it after killing half of it. i had no drink at this time and i was freaking out. visuals were still intense and i kept on insisting on paying for my own food with my card and he wouldnt let me...some reason it really irritated me. but the entire time i was thinking about my girl and how much i needed her comfort. so i kinda ordered him to drive us home to my place. so we get there and i totally forgot that you have to drink lots o water. so i started to drink a rather large amount of water to catch up so i dont die. i was scared about that and decided to lay down on my couch where no tv is. i was watching my couch cushions move up and down and wobbly kind of. it was really irritating me cuz thats the only thing that stood out at the time and it made me leave. AS im walking to my room i start to stumble, i realize this and grab the wall and continued to fall to my knees nad feel flat on my face. i dont remember that but my bro told me i fell hard. I had bruise from it. i remember turning upside up facing the ceiling and just stared...my brother then slapped me and i shoved him vigorously asking wtf he was doing. he said dude you stopped breathing! i said stfu. and he was serious. and as i look at them they both had a tramatizing look on their faces. and i just stumbled to my bed and thought about it. as i was thinking about i got really sweaty. guess from drinking so much water. i was kinda scared just keeping note of my vital signs making sure there ok. and everything was... but then i started feeling some body aches and a weird feeling in my brain...like something was swishing around melting it. my friend described that like a week bfore i did them and thats exactly the way he felt it. so i stayed up all night and morning till 2 or 3 scared crazy i was gonna die if i shut my eyes and go to sleep...to my neverending sleep. my girlfriend gets home and totally soothed me out. I missed her so much i wanted to cry. but i didnt. soon later i ended telling her i did shrooms 3 times behind her back and she cheated on me...now im single and willing.
So what did i learn from this experience...
1. never do shrooms by yourself!
2. never mix the drug as it might have worse effect.
3. prepare prepare prepare for the trip.
4. never watch sex and the city, or country.
5. always test your tolerance.
6. never buy shit from some guy you hardly talk to.
7. and never lie to, or trust your girlfriend!
8. always have water handy.

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