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We had figured out life

Me and 2 other friends on new years had bought an eight of some dank ass shrooms and had saved them for two days for New Years.

Me and 2 other friends on new years had bought an eight of some dank ass shrooms and had saved them for two days for New Years. We had planned this day so well and we ended up with the whole house to ourselves from 3 in the afternoon to until we got back from this big ass party. I had eaten 5 grams and my friends had eatin an eight each. We put on some 311 and we had felt this drunk buzz feeling and we were really happy that we had eaten these. We were feelin a little fucked up so we decided to go into my friends room and chill on his water bed. We started to feel this shit kick in full blast. I think that the reason why i had reached a level 5 trip is because i had ground mine up and put into a glass of OJ and drank it, but I dunno. As we all laid there staring at the ceiling i started just drifting off into like another world thinkning about everything. There was a million things going through my head and i wanted to talk to them about it, but the comeup was so strong that i just laid there with a look of awe and amazment. The whole room turned into rainbow colors and just soothed me. One of my friends snaps me back into reality and i just say whoaahhh lets go upstairs. When went upstairs we checked the clock and to our amazment it had only been 40 minutes of sittin in his room. It seemed like night changed to day in a matter of 5 minutes, but it felt like it had been 3 hours. My friends living room has a computer and is filled with windows and you could see tree's and everything. One of my friends saunders sat down in this chair and my other friend was on the couch listening to me. I felt like a god or something i was in the middle of them preaching to them like some sort of god and they were like connected to mind or something. They could understand everything i was saying and agree with me. I had a light shining down on me and i just sat there talking about life and we had litterally figured out life. We had come up with that we need to make weed an alternative and alcohol our primary if we wanted to succceed in life. Do not ask me why, but those words today help me out ALOT. I had recently stop smoking weed and i was trying to get my friends to stop and this trip had gotten us all to stop. After our life chat we decided to go explore everything. Saunders took off his shirt for some reason and only 1 shoe and went outside with his dick out and tried pissing outside and yelling at the neighbors. I went outside and i go what are you doing and he said "It felt necessary!" Our eyes were so dialated that u could not see the color in our eyes you could just see a big black dot and our eyes were wide open like little five year olds exploring something new. Me and saunders decided to go upstairs because we had never been up there before in this house. As we walked up the stairs it looked like a massive stairway to like heaven or something, but that changed fast. The stairway turned black and we ran up it falling and wimpering like little girls. We caught a glimpse of a little light in a room and it looked about a mile away and i go WHAT IS THAT?!!? Saunders turns on the light and i saw a hell like situation with red everywhere and i just turn and go FUCK and we both tried running down the stairs, but we were so fucked up we could not even run. The second we hit the stairs we feel better and we start to slowly come down from the trip, but still seeing amazing vizuals and a good body buzz. We went to our party and i got reallly fuckin drunk and passed out. This was the best time of my life.

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