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we ate lots, and sat the hell down with no need to get up

Me and a friend ate 5 grams together, the come on was hard cause the more you really learn about this stuff the more you have trouble with it.

Me and a friend ate 5 grams together, the come on was hard cause the more you really learn about this stuff the more you have trouble with it. (the less you want to take it, hense the idea that it is a teacher and when your scared to learn more, youve been on the right path(lots of evolutions of evolutions of............) You just see more of it and what and how many its made of fatter visuals for example, to over simplify it alot.
So my friend was lets say o.k., and that this turned out to be too much for me cause We both knew where the inspired capasity to speak and other otherworldly things came from,yet I was more adaptive to the message, fragile, the things I could say that were not mine would sort of hurt me physically, and I know this is not a heroic dose for some people.
Here is where it gets scary for the seasoned users though we had at the time, probably had the precognition that this it has always been a perpetual up slope leading to it. Dose matters less at the top.
My breathing allowed the following conversations between the two of us. His problem was less physical and mental. We determined the degree to which I could read his mind, and less-so, him reading my-own(egos destroyed, just all brain with no preintentions). I was too fast.
I was breathing only at the tip of the ever-increacing knowledge that was not mine utill I breathed and it flowed into a more coherent state where I was aware of my body(causing anxiety of the fact that I know this would keep happening more and more intensely as I become more aware of it). He (my friend)was there and taking part and it flowed into his visual and audio feilds so well intertwined with the precognative potentialities of the inner-soal, the core, the alchemist inside our own dna, and the time and future of "its" applications to our perceptions of space/time, audio/visual. It always had a stink and a feel, (a really complex one), when it got to intense for me it was more obviouse.
It was like vodoo to us back in the day, and it always scared us, but not like this. We were taken over at a young age. We were too wise for our ages(20 years old at that time). Its like culture shock, or the shock of being an old man when you know your going to die soon. Its sad because its so fulfilling, and thats a hell of a paradox, a one in a lifetime thing.
We laughed or asses at what we might have dubbed the pre-concsiousness of stupidity-free humor, gods jokes. The ones he made for us to tell each other. I know it sounds magical to most people cause I have not seen this kind of communication since, in any form. Music comes the closest to it, between band mates, and in only certain types of music, (with few exceptions).
We came down after about 7 hours of simply increadible conversation lead by a mere soarce of plainare conversation, the simple idea of "it" being an axiom led by a conversation we had not finished yet. The end before the beginning. It was like a sonata of harmonic resonance that again, was not our own.
We smoked lots of ganje later and noted the ever-waining group-effects as well as the degree to which we could prolong the effects with the mj, (all mathematic and synchronistic).
It was a hell of a trip(oh and the visuals were AWEsoMe:);0),(just kidding).
You can really start to beleive some pretty crazy stuff at this point in your hallucinogenic/shamanistic lifestyle. Being alone is key after this type of shit, for variouse reasons.
The further you go after a certain point, you get pretty well-severed from the rest of humanity. Even if you are really responsible with high doses.
For this to happen, you must be a pretty good listener from the beginning I beleive, and know your teacher, your A kid in its eyes. And a part of the process is it fucking with you and your notion of self. Less antenii-like individuals can take alot more shrooms, more often. There is a reason for this.

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