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way too many mushies

i had the most ridiculous trip.

i had the most ridiculous trip. so i had my first harvest of mushrooms and i was so excited to take them. they were ecuador cubensis strain. it was a friday night so i went into town with my box of mushrroms to meet my friend ross. i sold him 30bucks worth which was about 30 grams of wet mushrooms. it didnt look like alot because it was only about 4 full length mushies. i had a little more than he had. we eat them and go out for a drive. we started to feel the effects about 30mins into it. this was my first time on shrooms, but i've taken lsd before. we went on a walk through nature trails. not much happened there but, when we returned to ross's house, mad shit started to happen. i smoked a huge hit of weed from a g-bong and that is when weird stuff started to happen. i watched ross pull a tissue from a tissue box and blow his nose, then ross went into the bathroom and i was in his living room on the couch. the tissue that hangs out the top of the box grasp my attention. the way it moved in the wind of the fan was so majestic, that i created a emotional and moving story in my head. the story was without words, it just went with the music of pink floyd that was playing (shine on me crazy diamond). the story climax and i was almost about to tear to the beautifulness of the tissue. then ross came out the bathroom and saw i was making weird sounds and just acting weird. thankfully, he brought me back down to reality. we got sick of being inside so we went outside for a walk. we barely walked 1/4 of a mile we turned around. at this point, everything was changing. my preception of time was non-existent and the sky looked like it was painted on. i was still on the onset because i kept tripping harder. bad thing was that i had an obligation to be at the "Relay for Life" at my school. So i decided to leave ross's house and walk to school, which was about 8-9 blocks away. i made it about 2 blocks before i couldnt stand anymore. i was so VERY LUCKY that no one saw me that night because i fell to the ground and tripped MY BALLZ off on the ground in front of this uninhabited dorm. i thought that i had gone back to the origin of time which was at a stop light. the origin of time was at a freaking 4-way stop light. the background was all blue and the car on the opposite side was driven by marge simpson and homer was on the passenger side. they drove a yellow buggy. they honked their horn at me. i remember waving at them. then i remember rolling all over the ground but i didnt know i was at the time. then i stared straight into a street light. the light was a golden yellow color that like swayed in and out. everytime of moved my head the light would move with it. i actually started to think that i was levitating to the light. I thought the light was the way to a greater place so i just stared at it and believed that i was slowly lifting my body towards the light. of course i didnt go anywhere and my eyes started to hurt. then i remember waking up and being like, "holy shit, i'm still here." my mouth was full of dirt from rolling around and i was all kinds of dirty. i walked back to my car that was parked at the school. i got in my car and slept for about 3hours.
this was my first trip and it was completely way to HARD! i was delusional and good thing no cops saw me because my ass woulda went to the station and make things way worse. never do i wanna trip that hard again. i had a little over 30grams of wet shrooms. the visuals i saw were very vivid, but i wasnt able to grasp reality. also, there were mad sirens and stuff so that kinda bugged me out a little. basically, i took lots of shrooms and tripped out in someones yard for about 3hours. way too crazy.

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