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ok this might be along story n sh!t but its deffanately worth reading. ok so i had gone to my friends house and she has a brother who has all kinda drugs on him at all times, but this time he had shrooms so i was really excited cuz i had never done them...and niether had my friend..so her brother ate like a 8th and me n my friend split an 8th..so like 45 minutes later her brother calls us into the kitchen and was like "is it me or is the floor seem to be melting" so we stared at the floor and were all convinced it was melting and we started flipping out and all thought we were gonna sink..so we all went outside and we just chillin around this table trippin face really hard and my friend was like staring at the table with her face like an ince away from it for like a half hour, and im like yo what r u looking at and she likes be quieT!!!! im watching it move and dance..while that was happening i looked over to her waterfal in her backyard and i saw lions and otters taking showers and the pond looked like carpet..then something really weird happen and all 3 of us saw a plane crash in the woods and like 2 seconds later we saw white lights n shit flashing and started freaking out cuz it looked sooooo real..so we went inside and started watching this comedian show, this comedian was sooooooooooooo funny i mean we laughed like 500000x more then you would if u were high..and the comedian was like so random he would say the most stupidest shit and we'd start bugggggin out..like he'd say shit outta no where like a few things i rmeber that made us laugh were "girls get pregant, sometimes", "carbon manoxide", and "blah blah" i mean my friend started laughing so hard to a point where she coudlnt breathe anymore her face was like blue and she was about to go unconscience she just coudlnt stop, then we stared at the ceiling for like an hour and a half wiht hugeeeeeee smiles on our faces laughing hyterical, then my freind tried to talk and it came out like a bunch of jibberish and she thought it was normal and that we could understand her. the trip lasted from like 1 am till 10am... it was a good first time and i can only imagine the second...

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