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was cool first half

Well it started wen a friend of mine told me about these babys.

Well it started wen a friend of mine told me about these babys. so one wekkend i stayed at his house and we traded a guy three tabs for a hole bottle o shroom tea and we were able to find a few legit ones in a cow pasture. we waited until his dad went to sleep arounmd 10:30. so we split the tea and a shoom/turkey sambwich that we halfed. then we turned on blacklight and layed down. he started trippin right off. i got mad cuz i thought he ripped me off cuz i wasnt tripping at all. then 30 mins later i felt it. it felt so good. i was all calm and he was wired. bout an hal hour later i was not under control of my body so to speak. then he jumped up and grabed his covers and left. i was scared he was doint something that could get us caught. i was so paranoid. then that fear left and it went tto me thinking he would come and kill or stab me cuz i thought he was out of his mind. then i laid back and tried to engoy it agian. soon after that i had no mobil skills period. and fell over in a ball. all i could see was the clock. it was 12:30 and i closed my eyes. it seemed like two hous later and i opened my eyes and it was 12:31. then i fell asleep. the only reason i want to do it agian is bexase of the first half.

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