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Void of Evil

It was a sunny day.

It was a sunny day. My sister, her boyfriend and I had all eaten mushrooms and gone to a state park to frolic in the sunshine. They both ate a half of an eighth, and I ate a little over an eighth, four grams. They both were tripping out of their gourds, however I was perfectly able to function with my ability to adapt to the psychadelic world. After a while we drove to my sister's boyfriend's mom's house. She was an odd woman, really loved to be a mom, and had the largest thimble collection this side of the atlantic. She set out all sorts of snacks, fruit and vegetables, the mangos were quite delicious. Mike (sister's boyfriend) and I had gone into the bathroom to smoke a bowl of nugs. The bowl was good, as were the booms. Afterwards we sat and smoked a cigarette, I entered a deep state of thought, ignoring everything that was happening around me. Then it begun, I started to feel sick. I put out my cigarette and stumbled my way through the hallway into the living room. As I entered the living room, my vision and hearing completely vanished and I nearly fell over. I managed to make my way to a chair where abouts I fell backwards and passed completely out, with my eyes open. I could see shadows of the people around me, murmuring some dark and frightening words, all coming closer to me as I lay there in this inescapable abyss. All the evils of the world became unbelievably apparent, and my mind couldn't handle it. There was nothing then, no sound, no sight, nothing but darkness. It seemed like I was floating yet I could not feel a thing. The only thought I was able to conjure was "Is this death?". It all went by so quick, yet it lasted half an hour. I woke up to see Mike hovering over me asking me if I was alright, he later told me that I had my eyes open the entire time and that I was twitching violently, but I felt none of this. I woke up completely drenched in sweat and all my body was red hot, except for my feet which were bitterly cold. the house had central air, so I cannot explain my massive body heat.

This was the most extreme experience I have ever had on mushrooms, but I wont say it was a bad one. Not everyone has experiences like that, and I'll be able to tell that story for ages.


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