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Vitamin C Warning

For documental reasons, my weight is 140lb (65 kilo), and height is 6 feet, age 18.

For documental reasons, my weight is 140lb (65 kilo), and height is 6 feet, age 18.

Yesterday, June 23?/98, I ingested 4.5 dried grams, as did my friend, and each of us took 25 grams in Vitamin C, dissolvable in water form. Previously 4.5g is nothing mind shaking to me, and 6 grams still nothing spectacular. I credit this due to the fact I consider myself one of the "journeymen of the mind", and am not easily shaken by insane stuff. Altogether since I began shrooms this year, I've taken about 50 grams, and before was a small time bud person. Here's the report, of what I remember:

We ingested at 1:20, and then listened to Marilyn Manson till 2pm. Then we walked in a forest until 2:45 or so, then returned for coffee. Everything was seeming like a normal trip, and then we sat down in the living room with our coffee, and turned on MM again. Marilyn Manson is not quite trip music one would think, but it was quite touching, and I soon became very relaxed. The day before I noted to myself I would try to mentally "overcome, and dominate" the shroom power - aka I suppose would be excersize my mind with the added strength from the shrooms.

So thus I closed my eyes, and became very relaxed. I concentrated on opening the usually unused parts of the brain, and went through a series of mental jumping jacks. After doing some meditation like this, I pushed a little further than I should have, then slowly opened my eyes. This is when the trip really began. Having opened my eyes, reality seemed to be fading - the trees outside were melting, stuff like that. I shouted to my friend in a panicked voice to turn off the music, and during then I tried to recollect myself, and get back control of the situtation. After about a few minutes, the music player turned on suddenly with "barbie girl" from Aqua. This really freaked me out, and I suppose began my panicking, though I think now there was a technical reason why Aqua started playing ;)

I'll do my best to describe what happened after these minor events occured (3:45 by then).

I remember telling my friend to get me a glass of water, for my mind was seriously seeming to "vanish" - the spoken ego death. I had a big problem though - reality seemed to melting, I was flipping out really hard, and it seemed to be nothing close to anything I have experienced previously - I recall I told my friend something VERY strange was happening.

As a Christian shroomer, it seemed to be the tribulation - an event near the end of reality where "reality would fade away", and everything would be destroyed that were corrupt. I became 100% convinced that that was what was occuring.

We then proceeded outside, only to meet my mother pulling in the car - fortunately I was able to control myself enough to mutter something, and continue on.

When walking, I felt as if my mind was dying, just vanishing, then boom - it did. Like a balloon filling up with air, then popping. Now this is the IMPORTANT part of the story: After the popping of my mind, I COULD NOT understand where I was, WHO I was, nor apply words to laws of reality. I didn't know if I was in a fantasy novel, or anything, and time has zero meaning to me. This is an extremely unpleasant experienced, because it seemed as if my mind was in the "chaos void", and unless with my last shred of will could recompile my mind, I would come out of the trip "normal." Thus I had to regrasp all the laws of reality, and try to place logic - it was very hard, and I was sure if I gave up for an instant I would be mentally destroyed. By the way - I sat on the grass at one point, and all the grass was moving, curling around me, and eveything was extrodinarily odd in the visual aspect.

After having some sense of reality left - though I was still under immense panick, and mental collapse. I returned with my friend to my room. I desperately trying to re-establish objects with my memory, though nothing was seeming to make any sense. Then I had some black outs, and later was able to get ahold of my mind. Throughout though I remember babbling thoughts, and being totally incoherent.

Summary: I believe the Vitamin C was the main cause of the trip alteration. I warn anyone that tries a large of dose of Vitamin C to begin with 5 grams, then 10, then 15, or whatever, but not 25 grams. My mind I believe literally was lost, and I doubt many other people have the same strength to regather their minds.


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