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Visionary Journey

This trip happened around 2.

This trip happened around 2.5 years ago, when I was going to a decent size state college. This was my second time shrooming. I apologize in advance for the length of this, but I think you will find it runs a pretty good gambit of what you might be able to do with some really good stuff. A friend of mine from Maine had come down and we had shroomed the week before.. an intense wonderful trip, but that's a story for another time.
In the early afternoon I ate around a half an 8th of dried shrooms, along with some cookies. I then headed out on my bike across campus to a friend's dorm to pick up a pair of little speakers. While I was there I played the piano in the lounge for around a half an hour. I got really into it and it was very mellow and cool. I walked her to class, and the shrooms were starting to kick in a little. I had brought with me a trippy pair of glasses she had given me, affectionately dubbed the "Jew Views" They turn every point of light into a Star of David. Looking up at the sun through trees was crazy, with stars bordering each leaf. I said goodbye to her, and biked off the edge of campus, into a state park. There's a nice low traffic road that goes by a river back there, and I started biking down it. I had my speakers in my backpack hooked up to my CD player, playing some nice deep house music as I went.
The trip was hitting me in waves. I would be happy, and then kind of insane, and then happy again, and so on. I started to feel like I was biking through an alien terrain. Since it was by a river, there was lots of plant life, but not so thick that I couldn't see a decent distance through all the vines and things down by the river. Very Sci-Fi. I reached around the halfway point in the road, the furthest point into the park, and turned around. Biking back was one of the best and most valuble experiences of my life.
I had recently read Dune by Frank Herbert. If you've read the books, there's a psychoactive spice they use called Melange, that allows several of the characters to see into the future. I thought I should try that. And it worked. Oh how it worked. This next part takes place over the course of about 15-30 minutes:
As I biked along, I could see myself very clearly in third person. Things dimmed and I got a kind of "picture in picture" view superimposed over reality of the same picture. It appeared about the size of a silver dollar viewed at arm's length, like looking view of the scene through a porthole on a ship with a gold metallic border. Lines began to extend, connecting to other circles with other scenes. I immediately realized that these were the possible paths I could take. I saw the various things I could do from where I was right now, for the remainder of my trip. The lines extended, following very accurately and quickly the likely cause and effect of each action. The circles began to get smaller and smaller as more and more appeared, but they were logically arranged and I could "scroll" through them, zooming in at will to examine things in more detail. I could see where things would come together, paths would converge, and things would come to quite literally "dead ends." Using this ability, I plotted out the next year and a half or so of my life in great detail, and was able to identify the key things I would have to do for the next 3 or 4. Needless to say, it was a humbling experience and completely changed the way I viewed reality.
But that wasn't the end. I was getting back toward campus and realized I was too insane for society right now. So I veered off into the woods, locked my bike to a tree, and started walking. The euphoria was starting to overcome all ability of rational thought, so I safely stored the path I had created in an "envelope" that I assume was created by the same visual trick. I walked up a hill to a point where I could look out over the valley leading down to the river, giggled a bit, and started screaming. Not because I was scared or anything, but it seemed "AAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAA!!! " was the only way that I could express what I was feeling to the plants. I talked to the plants for a while.. the trees didn't listen very attentively so I turned my attention to the grasses and things around me.. highlighting the important points for the bushes too.
I started to come down a bit, so went back to my bike and headed back. Along the trail that I was biking, there was this point where a bridge crossed this deep ditch. The bridge was wooden, and raised about a foot above the ground. I picked my bike up onto it, and got on, looking into the ditch for a minute, then kept riding. I had forgotten however that it was raised at both ends and biked right off of it. As the front wheel of my bike dropped unexpectedly time seemed to REALLY slow down. I vaulted over my handlebars, landing on my feet in front of my bike. I still have no idea how my reflexes could've possibly been that fast. However, in my astonishment I forgot about my bike crashing down behind me, and the front gear caught the back of my calf. It made a long shallow gash that didn't really seem to serious (it wasn't really, but it was kind of an ugly wound). I yelled "CRIKEY! SHE GOT ME!!" and began to laugh hysterically. I biked back the rest of the way hoping no one would notice that I had a huge gash in my leg or that I was holding a soft running monologue in the voice of the Crocodile Hunter.
When I went into the bathroom to clean my leg up, I looked at myself in the mirror, and assessed myself, both physically and mentally, completely honestly. When superimposed over the contents of the "envelope" it gave me a working plan for the next 5 years of my life. Giggling to myself that reality was really so simple, I tied an undershirt around my leg since I didn't have a big enough bandage, and called the friend I walked to class earlier.
"HI!" I said enthusiastically.. "I think I stopped the bleeding! How can I be sure?!" This worried her, but I told her everything was fine. She wanted to know why I was talking like the Crocodile Hunter, and I reminded her gently that I was on drugs. She made sure I was OK and left me to come down from my trip in peace.
Learning points and advice to those tripping by themselves:
If you trip by yourself, you can REALLY control the trip a lot, as you can control all stimuli you are exposed to. Play with this. You can really get to know yourself on a trip, so take advantage. If you have a really good solo trip like this, also take time away from substances and really give yourself time to process it so you remember it well. You won't regret it.

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