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visionary dreamer

i just want to say WAZZUP to all you peps out thizzar!

i just want to say WAZZUP to all you peps out thizzar!
it was a saterday night and there was nothing to do besides play video games which i am not complaning cuz i luv to play games but there is better things to do!
well me and a bunch of my friends decicded to go hunting for something to do!then about a hour of searching we find a dude with really colorful hair and fucked up eyes he was the awseomest person that i had ever met!everybody was just talking about if we should do shrooms or if we shouldnt i was excited about francilly everybody decided to go find some sweet indoor and i decided to take a chance and try something new!we went to his house and chilled for a few then decided that we would EAT UP as he would say we did damn that shit tasted like ass on a bad day!!lol
about a hour later i start to realize how sweet his place was and i went on and on about all the beutiful things. by then i was freakin out man!i started to see a person that i had never seen in my entire life having a cezier (spelling sux)i didnt know what to do i started freakin out and everything was talking to and everything was going a million miles per hour then out of no where i saw a couple chicks gettin all freaky and shit but i was diggin it even though i am a girl wow sweet man but that only lasted for a few until their faces mushed togeather then i knew i was fucked up we decided to go for a walk. we went to the cemitary we leaned up against a stone and staired at the ground i started floting into the ground it felt like i wqas bieng sucked into the forever but i twitched and turned my head to find him staring at me like i was a alien his eyes dragged me in to his brain (thats what it felt like anyway)i started realizing that life was really amazing and interesting and so unbielivabley beautyful at that point said i wanted to be a fairy and travel the world trippin out but that didnt last long either a cop came into the cemetary and asked us what we were doing and i statred to laugh then i started laughing at my self for laughing the cop arrested us and brought us to the station it felt like all the cops were vcoming after me so i ran and got myself locked up for the rest of the night and he went home he came and got me in the morning. while i was chillin out in the cell the bars started to swirl togeather and my stomach started talking to me i ended up barfing all over the place and freaking out on the officer who came in to move me to another cell i didnt remember that part but it was told to me when i got charges pressed against me. ever since then i feel fucked up everyday like typing right now is definetly weird and sort of freakin me out so i am going to stop!well thanx for readin this shitty thing i wrote and i hope after reading it and if you decide to try mushrooms stay home man and not with parents you definetly dont want to get fucked over by the pigs and go to placement i know!!

trust me !!!!!!!!

anyway it was chill
and the fantasy world that we all live in

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