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VERY uncomfortable

okay, i tried for about 3 months to get shrooms and never could, so i got into acid.

okay, i tried for about 3 months to get shrooms and never could, so i got into acid. i did it like every weekend for almost 4 months when i had to make my self stop. during this acid wave that i had, i decided to try to grow shrooms. i went through trial and error and screwed up three times until i got it right. i grew some B+ (my friends had done shrooms before and said that they gave the same trip as gold caps) and picked them and put them in the drying chamber. 2 days later, it was FRYday and i wanted to do them, but they werent completely dry yet. they were close enough (a tiny bit bigger and kind of soggy) but no matter,whether thyre dry or not it doesnt matter because they give the same trip. the rule is to move the decimal over one so 12 fresh grams = 1.2 dry gram. to this day i still dont know how many shrooms i took. they were almost dry and i had 27 grams, it was a full handfull. i had to swollow all of them by throwing some in my mouth and chugging some orange juice. i almost threw up once. well we were on our way to the beach, the driver just ate 6 sugarcubes, two people just ate 27 almost dry grams of shrooms and another had 3 sugarcubes!! we get to our "spot" at the beach and it was still light, so we started walking towards the pier. we got to this gazeebo thing by the pier and me and my friend who had 3 sugarcubes sat there while my othe two friends went to the beach. we start talking jibberish to eacch other and before you know it a half an hour has gone by at the gazeebo and the grass is turing orange! everything became a darker tint and i felt like i wighed 500 pounds. me and my friend walked over to my other friends at the pier and i swore that i would jump off the pier, so i got a running start and my friends yelled to me to stop and so i did and then i forgot what was going on. we went back to our spot and layed down in the sand. a whole bunch of weird shit was going on, like i saw a wierd blue thing that looked like a door right next to the beach. it was like a pathway leading to the ocean that was blue and had flowers around it and shit. i couldnt understand it so i layed back down and looked at the clouds. the clouds were wierd to begin with, it was like one huge flat cloud that stretched across the whole sky, but the shrooms made them even weirder. they turned into a fence like thing where there where a whole bunch of diamond shaped clouds in rows, but not touching. it also looked like they were right in front of me, but this is the weird part: two of the diamond shaped clouds formed together, then the one on top of them formed a circle and turned brown, and then the two things met to form, what looked like a mushroom! i started to yell things which was me trying to talk, but sounded like a person with down sindrome. it got cold and we left to go to somewhere, which, no that i think about it, i dont remember. i remember one thing where it was cold and and two of my friends left to go to the car and it looked like they were walking really really fast. that means that me and my friend which was on 6 sugarcubes were left to smoke our black and milds. he started talking about weird shit cus he was on acid and i remember getting into an argument with him and then feeling stupid and trying to forget about it and then i did! i think i fell down off the curb a couple times too.i smoked my black and mild in like a second and then i tried to leave with out him and got lost and had to go back. then we headed for the car and we were (i think) talking jibberish. we got to the car and just sat there. i seriously forgot how to talk and felt EXTREMELY tense and like all my muscles needed to be stretched. we got out of the car somewhere along the line and i felt like i was in a video game and i would stop to rest and then i would run really fast to try to catch up with my friends. we were back at the car again and i couldent focus on anything. like if i looked at one of my friends his eyes would melt down or they would completely go off his head and there was like a 2 second delay from there words and there mouth moving. everything outside had swirls of color or about a 100 tracers around them keep in mind that this car was not moving, we were just sitting there so its not like we were doing anything really dangerouse. my friend, on 3 sugarcubes, was tired of sitting in the car so he got out and started stretching so he could take a run. then a guy with a dog came out of no where and i screamed, "ahhhhh, th th theres lik kke a dog out there!!" they guy started talking to my friend and asked, "she doesnt like dogs?" even though im not a girl. it turned out that we were parked next his house, but he didnt care. my friend never took that run but came back in the car. they all had arguments on where to go but i couldnt talk too well. we ended up driving somewhere and i was waering off. our former driver was too fucked up to drive so my friend that was on 3 sugarcubes took the wheel. we all had to go to the bathroom so when it was my turn i took the liberty to look at myself in the mirror. i looked like shit!!!! my pupils were huge and my hair was all matted down and my skin was made of little blocks of color just like in a video game. we went to a different friends house and i tried to sleep but i couldnt do it. we left there and went to my friend who was also on 27 grams of shrooms house and bought weed off his cocky pot head brother and we smoked it. i was already sober when i smoked and was worn out so i fell right asleep. there was alot more that happened but doesnt pop into my head when i think about it because it wasnt something i focused on. that was my trip and i would sell my soul to have that many shrooms whenever i want.

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