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insecurity in fungus

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there was nothing to do, so me and pablo call up nigs T, and ask for an 1/8 we could split. so we get it, weigh it and realize its skimped a bit. 3 grams even, just about. maybe a little under. but whatever. 4 caps, and a handful of blue stems.

so we take em, and call up our secret service clown, bob. he came and got us, drove us around for our trip [plus he had the gange, so we were tokin it up too.]

about a half hour of drivin, i felt light it start. i first noticed i was tripping when i was buying some smokes at haffners, and looked at a malboro add with horses running toward me. the background was green for some reason, i don't know if it really was or not, but it was fucked. very bright. i was pretty excited, but i wanted to get out of the store.

so we get back in the car, and smoke a bowl. i look over at the clown driving, as i am in shotgun, and see a wave of red and blue flashin over his face, and a funny -(o)-(o)- kind of pattern going along with it. that was about as intense as it got.

after 10 minutes or so, my head just started thinking and analyzing everything. it became more of a mental trip that physical. i started thinking of all my insecurities, not by choice, and doubting myself alot. i could have sworn i was set to take them, but this proved me wrong. for some reason, my trip turned into a selfbashing head rushing rollercoaster. except i was the only one riding it, and it flew off the fucking track.

the rest of the night, i felt like shit, thinking about how much i suck. no more visuals. no more goodness. just junk. i woke up the next day with all the thoughts still floating in my brain, maybe motivating me to do something, but i don't know. i definitely like acid better. its cheaper, and doesn't taste like shit. literally.

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