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Venus in Furs

So its December 30th 1998, when me and my friend Andrew first pick up the caps from an old friend.

So its December 30th 1998, when me and my friend Andrew first pick up the caps from an old friend.(Note : this is our first experience with mushrooms.) We bought 3/8th's of an ounce and decided we'd take them on New Years Eve. Well around 1 am in the morning while listening to Velvet Underground we decided we just couldn't fuckin wait so we took half of an 1/8th and a couple vitamin C pills. Well 20 minutes later we didn't really feel any different so we decided, fuck why not take the rest so we split them up and ate them all. That was a biggggg mistake. They were alot stronger than i thought they would be and about 2 hours later sitting in Andrews small room (about 8x9 feet with slanted walls connecting almost like a pyramid at the ceiling, twisted ass wallpaper, and a large neon light on the ceiling) we started to peak. There was a red light underneath a red lava lamp casting an erie glow over the entire room and the Velvet Underground were chanting Venus in Furs. All of the sudden all hell broke lose. The walls started melting in flames, the neon light started shooting back and forth on the ceiling like a pinball in a pinball machine, and i watched as my hands and arms decayed right in front of my eyes. About this time i decided it was time to go the fuck downstairs and have a cigarette. I left Andrew even though he begged me not to go and went to have a cigarette, of course not before stopping in the bathroom to take a piss and watch the toilet bleed right in front of my eyes. His mother had cherub statues that at the time resembled twisted goblins, and mirrors that faced me around every corner. I had my cigarette and went back up stairs to find all the lights out and Andrew on the bed with his eyes closed. I wondered what type of twisted world he had thought himself into. I turned on the light just in time to feel my eyes start to water as i yawned uncontrolably, i must have had an allergic reaction to those dank ass mushrooms. I spent most of the remainder of the night in the fetal position trying to make the noises and voices in the air stop. It seemed as though i had reverted somehow back to an infant, i was incredibly afraid of being alone and i couldn't stop crying for most of the rest of the night. Neither me nor Andrew could fall asleep no matter how hard we tried. Nor would we let one another fall asleep we constantly asked questions to each other like, "Are you ok," or, "are you sure your ok." We ended up falling asleep around 11 am in the morning. Let this be a warning to any newbies we definitley learned are lesson. Listen to the suggestions on this website. If we would have we could of saved ourselves alot of mental anguish.

Peace, Love, and Infinite Madness

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