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velvet eden

the trip was intense, but there is no conveying that.

the trip was intense, but there is no conveying that. all
night long i felt as if i was exploring the garden of eden,
and in realizing the world we perceive would not exist
without our senses, i discovered two more senses of
the soul. the sixth is to be and the seventh is a sort of
comprehension of the sublime. there is no word for the
seventh, but it makes perfect sense if you know what i
mean. anyways, that's just a little background. the cool
part is, when i woke up the next morning, i found that i
had written some intense shit all over myself in
permanent marker. on my right hand, all it said was,
'just dont forget.' here's what the rest of me said:

dull light stretches across these yellow piano keys as i
climb this bliss in wonderment. the night falls bleakly
conscious and i rest in rustic pieces beneath these
granite trees. my soul a floor of shattered glass and
uncut roses, i rest in rustic peace. seven tongue tied
senses are flushed throughout this velvet eden. robes
of royalty drift like oil over seven scuttled seas...i am
going to ask you to believe tonight...i once saw a child,
and her smile surfaced on your face. speaking in
shades, she uttered, "just forget me in the morning." i
will find five fingers stretched beneath the hollow oak,
and in counting them twice, i will recall her vacant
whispers. the young and the old unfold my soul before
this velvet eden. interrupting silence, they pause before
they speak: "you have awakend from your ancient sleep
just to dwell until you peak." and all at once you
understand all that's meant to be, this revelation kept
within a secret velvet eden.
again, there is no conveying the trip, but i just wanted to
share that with you guys and also show how connected
i was to "god," in the open sense of the word. the love
and the good. i hope you enjoyed it. take care.


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