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utter bliss in the sky

This trip that im about ot describe has to be my fifth or 6th time doing mushrooms, and I definately want to do them again.

This trip that im about ot describe has to be my fifth or 6th time doing mushrooms, and I definately want to do them again. To start off, this was in the summer time and me an a bunch of friends were off school. One of them lives out in the country and his parents were gone at their cabin for the weekend. Let's call that friend Al.
Another one of my friends got a muchrooms hook-up though his brother and got a large amount of them, i think it was a half o or maybe more... he sold me my 1/8th and we all started to munch down. I was pretty hung over still from the night before and i didn't want to get sick from them so i mashed them up and mixed them into a drink of sprite... terrible idea. that probably made me feel more sick than they would have on their own. So anyways, i somehow managed to chke down my 1/8th and we sat in the living room watching tv. Since Al lives in the country he only has hick vision, which is about 3 channels, but luckily south park was on one of them! it was the marklark episode where the aliens all named marklark came to earth, but that will become important later.
THe sprite and mushroom mixture weighed heavy on my stomach. I thought i was for surely going to throw up so i went into the washroom and sat there for a while until i felt better. This was the weirdest bathroom in the world. THe tiles on the floor started to shift from one spot to another. Almost like those tile puzzles do, you know how you slide them back and forth until you've got a picture? this amazed me. I must have looked like a fool sitting there on the toilet just staring at the floor, but hey, when on mush, right?
After i came back out of the washroom everyone who was trippin was anxious to find out if i puked or not because i had taken so long. i said "No, it's just that the floor in there is moving, and the sink is spinning." everyone laughed at me. All of a sudden i had the urge to laugh, so i did. by the time i was done laughing there were tears rolling down my face.
after this laugh attack i went and sat down and watched south park again.as i sat there, not doing much of anything at all, i started to feel very clostrephobic. A girl who was just there to have a good time (a friend of mine who wasn't tripping) saw that i looked uncomfortable and said "you want to go outside don't you?"
Suddenly a wave of excitement rushed over me. i remember thinking "hey outside sounds like a good time, there's so much more to see out there". "YEAH!" i exclaimed and jumped from my seat. the trip hadn't really gone into full swing yet. I went outside and sat in a chair struggling to put my shoes on. it seemed so hard to do up my laces. Once i was done with that i realized that no one had followed me outside, they were smart about it they were putting their shoes on inside, but i didn't care, i was looking at the trees. there was something different about them. I think that all experienced trippers know what i'm talking about, but for those of you who don't know, i'm going ot try to explain it. It's almost as if every leaf in the tree melds together and there is no end to each leaf, yet they are spereate at the same time... weird huh? but anyways. i spent a long time staring at the trees and Al came up behind me and said "hey, what are you doing out here?" I looked up at him and i wanted to say "Waiting for you", but all that came out was "the trees man, look at the trees" i was sure that he would know what i was talking about, but all he said was "You're fucked up man, you're already tripping and im not" You see his plan for that night was to eat his bag of mushrooms until he got one real strong hallucination. he later told me that at one point he saw a huge pentagram with a bloody skull in the middle of it flying at his head, he then decided it was time to stop eating them. But anyways back to my trip. the entire group then started to move over to the trampoline on the other side of al's yard. there were five of us, 4 tripping and one girl who didn't like mushrooms. they yelled at me, who was still sitting in the chair, "Hey are you coming or what" so i reluctantly pulled myself away from the stare at the trees. this is when the trip really kicked in. i turned around quickly from my stare on the trees and to my surprise the entire yard was full of barbed wire. "Sweet Jesus!" i thought to myself "What kind of a mess have i gotten myself into now!?" so i began to walk toward the barbed wire and started to try to step over it "Careful" i thought, "This could be the end of me yet." then i heard one of my other friends who was tripping as well say "WHat the hell are you doing?" i guess now i must have looked pretty goofy trying to step over barbed wire that wasn't actually there. I once again thought to myself "Don't listen to them, their in on it too!" so i continued to step over the barbed wire. Now i was about half way to the other side of hte yard where the trampoline was and where my friends had been sitting for the last minute or so that i was trying to make my way there. suddenly, shooting starts started shooting across my line of vision, but what was worse was they had tails made of barbed wire. "Shit! they'll do anything to get me, might as well keep going." Dispite the efforts of the barbed wire to stop me i finally made it to the trampoline. my friends were jumping and playing on it. I was in no state for this. i told them to sit down cause they were making me feel bad by jumping so they stopped. we sat on the trampoline for a while talking. well i guess i didn't talk very much i layed there staring up into the sky. at that moment nothing else mattered. if i were to die right there it wouldn't matter, it was almost as if i was slipping in and out of consiousness. i knew that the possibility of me overdosing on mushrooms was slim, so i decided to let the trip take it's course. the hallucinations at that point were tremendous. it was as if i were travelling through the universe. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. i was sure that this was the state of euphoria i had heard so much about and had strived to achieve in the rest of my trips. i was travelling a the speed of light out into space, i saw beautiful things, things that can only be imagined. if any of you have seen the movie contact where jody foster travels to another galaxy in a matter of like a few hours you know what im talking about. the tunnels that she goes through in that movie were exactly what i saw. but then as quickly and accidentally as it began it ended. i didn't realize it but my friends were going back into the house. how long had i been laying there? half an hour? 2 hours? at this point it was impossible to tell. it could have only been 3 seconds for all i know. they yelled to me to get up and come inside. so reluctantly i obeyed. "this will have to wait for another time" i thought to myself. when we got back inside south park was still on TV. i find that TV ruins my trip, but this particualar episode is extremely hilarious and i laughed my ass off. at one point in the night 2 of my friends took off outside. the rest of us thought that they were taking a piss, but they didn't come back for 2 hours. they went on what they called a "grand adventure that i wish i could have been a part of, but you know how spontanious mushrooms are. the rst of the trip was ruined by the way the TV kills it. but for what i did experience that night was amazing. the most amazing thing i will ever experience and i have had an out of body experience on mushrooms, where i was flying around the room watching myself do shit. that was amazing as well but doesn't even compare to that stae of utter bliss i experienced on that trampoline staring up at the sky.

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