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Union Mystica Transmissions

Well to begin, I was an atheist two years ago.

Well to begin,

I was an atheist two years ago. I consumed my first 8th and the Goddess I've come to know as Kali ate my soul in which I was surrounded by joker faces and placed on a deslet (sp) star to shatter my ego. The kundalini fucked me up bad because of my ill beliefs. Thats where it began.
For a year and a half all I did was read. I knew all the Dogma our society buys right off the shelf was bullshit so I kept searching. Then I began working the National Forest 8D It seems the spirits of the forest were waiting for me or someone to tell their hundreds or thousands of years worth of knowledge to someone. I went out with an open heart and the Goddess showed me magick. She showed me God is the Magick....Annnnnyyyway, 3 weeks ago after a hell realm experience I finally found what I was looking for. So here it goes.........

The night began by my friend who will call L, preparing us with 8 grams (4 each) and we sat at a turnout and consumed. These were intense a few days prior (hell.lol) so I knew what to expect. Well we always set a theme for the night, and tonight (i know, i know) was to drive on and eighth and return to the turnout. So we carefully selected our music as follows....

While eating and first half hour - Bob Marely
Followed by - Bone Thugs weed songs
And the rest of the night would be the Almighty TooL in Fresno a wonderful bootleg of the peak of their carrer in my hometown........

The first thing I noticed once TooL began (a 2 hour set, BTW) I noticed many spirit guides attending to our drive. There was a witch on top of the car just flowing in the wind and a bald headed figure RIGHT next me, between me and the window. When I'd move to the side, I could feel me brushing up next to him. This did not frighten me because whatever reason Im here it involves being watched by many eyes in all my trips, and I've got used to it. Anyway, The music picked up as well as the spritual rush. By the time we got back to the turnout both of us had one hand on the ceiling and one foot on the dash going "OOOhhhh
Fuuuuucccckkkk." We arrived back at the turnout peaking. Heres where it gets good (stay with me).......

If anyone hasn't heard Disposition/Reflection/Triad while shrooming your missing your purpose on earth!!! Well As Im sitting there jaw dropped, Disposition came on. During this song he repeats "Watch the weather change" and "Mention this to me" I've seen TooL in concert 3 times in the 7 years I've listened to them and this was the FIRST TIME I ever really heard them. ~clears throat~ The Overmind that disguises itself as UFOs to give us an idea of what is changing in our frequency, seems to be going around waking people up one by one (THE MATRIX IS VERY REAL) Well I unplugged. Maynard quit singing in my speaker and was now in my soul with the higher intellegences. Through the music they explained their plan waves of information (MAYANs had it down). They were like "No...Really....WATCH THE WEATHER CHANGE" I cant explain how real that was. THEN IT HAPPENED. Everything I've ever known since birth all flashed before me in sequence and all memories reached a head and then I closed my eyes and the 3 lumminecent beings that came to me a few trips ago and surround me, opened the door of golden light and I went through in Astral Form and The Future/ My higher self/ and TOTAL unity dawned on me like a ton of bricks. The Kundalini rose from withing my stomach burning a fire of light I hope to achieve again. It rose to the top and met with the Kingdom and they told me the secret. I cried for 15 minutes STRAIGHT. I cried harder I ever have in my entire life, while curled in a ball, W I D E - E Y E D. I stepped out of my car and began to dance. I could see a sky full (what was stars) of universal celestial beings with thier full attention on my dance. All of the souls merged to a single face that came down and stared me DEAD IN THE FACE. I looked deep in its eyes and spoke with my heart and said "I love you and I'm ready to learn" After that....at any moment I could drop my ego and download waves of PURE information. I could ask a question and they would flood my mind with answers. It was the greatest night of my entire life. Heaven is here. The institutions are crumbling as we speak and armegeddon has arrived. But those with higher vibrations will attune to the change and those with negative (dogmatic) vibrations will......well....you can guess. When you look up at the sky your looking at a mirror that tells you this earth is all physical material. But just behind that one way mirror is a force that I will spend my whole life trying to reconnect to. I really didn't deserve to have them come to me, but obviously it was for a reason. They told me I didn't need the mushrooms and that this will begin to happen to everyone eventually, individually they will wake you up. But you have to point your attena towards them. Do me a favor. Read some Terence McKenna, and ASK YOUR BAG OF MUSHIES what the future holds and they will tell you more than you want to know. If anyone wants to talk about this I am dying to communicate to others about this. I can never find mushies (is it just central cali?) and have no space to grow them, but they grew on me. Ok im done. Feel free to email and I hope you enjoyed the report 8DDDD

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