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0h Ate about 20 wet grams of mexicana with some OJ, sitten in a kinda darkened room, on my own.

0h Ate about 20 wet grams of mexicana with some OJ, sitten in a kinda darkened room, on my own.

0.5h I started fellin real sick, had to lie down, but managed to resist the temptation to empty the contents of my stomach, that would have kinda defeated the hole point of eatin the shrooms in the first place.

1h - 2h Started feelin pretty high, laughing at pointless things etc. Minor hallucinations when i stared at things. Like staring at my arm, i could see small faces appear, tho very faint. Patterns on the curtains moved, writing would dissapear from paper. It was cool.

2h-? Things kinda started goin down hill from here. Firstly i looked in the mirror, my hair looked kind of weird, it looked geometrically perfect, and i saw my pupils were pretty big, and i suddenly became self aware of my self. After lookin in the mirror, the weather got bad outside, and it started thundering. The thunder started sounding like something was pounding on the roof of the building, scared the shit out of me. So i was self aware and quite scared.

I decided to sit down and play some music, it sounded good, and sometime the music would seem to be playing in slow motion. When i was sitting down i started feeling my face with my hands, it fealt like my head was the size of a babies. I inside of my moth also fealt wierd, i must have spent an hour felling the inside of my mouth with my toungue, i could swear that there was a hole in the roof of my mouth.I must have set there moving my toungue around my mouth for an hour.

After god knows how long, i decided that i needed to do something different, but i didnt know what to do, but had this urge to do something. It was like a loop in my mind, i just didnt know what to do with myself, i would pace around, sit down, get up, i would think about my life, question mylife, I soon thought that i was insane, i generally thought that this was what it was like to be insane, i fealt trapped, it was such a horrible feeling. I kept teling myself that it was only a drug, but i was still so sure that i had gone insane, it was such a horrible feeling.

Eventually i sweated it out, and the whole insantity thing slowly left me.

It was a bad trip, maybe trigged by the mirror and the thunder. But im not deterred, im dertermined to enjoy the next trip, maybe under more sociable circumstance, minus the thunder, and no mirrors.

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