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Two people, One trip

First time with shrooms, friend gave them to me for xmas.

First time with shrooms, friend gave them to me for xmas. I held on to them till the weekend, and then my boyfriend and I ate my xmas present, it was 6:00 pm Saturday night.

I started "seeing the air" at about.... 6:15pm. I knew I was in for some fun!!!!! Then it hit me...I thought they were poison, my stomach felt so sick, however, I did not puke. I did lay on my stomach for two hours.

I spent those two hours on an elevator. Every floor was a different year of my life. It would open the door, shove me out, and let me "see" that part of my life. I was a little confused if all the memories were of "this life". I would find a "happy" place, it was pitch black with lots of lights, dancing to the trance music I had playing on repeat. The elevator eventually shoved me back off on this floor to stay.

So, I got up off the bed, had the wall help me walk and saw what I can only say, I wish everyone could see. Liquid air, breathing in front of me. More lights then I have ever thought of, and a very euphoric feeling.

Then I found my boyfriend in the living room, laying on the couch. I went and sat next to him and just stared at him. What I saw freaked me out, a very thick dark liquid was oozing down his head (he shaves bald) then it hit his eyebrow and parted, I followed it down to his mouth, where saliva was bubbling out. I jumped off the couch and said, you will not believe what I just saw. He said, I saw myself get shot in the head, and I turned around and said, yea, on the right side. We exchanged memories, and found that we had the same memory, at the same time, about the future.

This event has changed my life. I spend more time with my family being happy, knowing that life has some beauty in it. I have been growing my own since then, having GREAT luck, and GIVING THEM AWAY, yes giving them away. If I can help my friends see the beauty, then why should I charge them for something I can grow for close to free????

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