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Tuesday, February 24, 1998

I am 14 years old and I Trip.

I am 14 years old and I Trip. The trip that I had, was absolutly the worst trip anyone could have. The day before the trip I went out behind my house and picked about five pounds of shrooms. I stuck the shrooms under the fence so I could get them in the morning when my dad leaves to work. I was just going to trip at school, it was not my first time to do it at school. Six oclock I started to brew the shrooms, about ten caps, 2 inch in diameter. Until this time I had never really triped hard on shrooms, and I thought that the more the marrier. So I added about eight more caps. I cooked them for 20 min. I was waiting for my friend to come over so he could drink it with me. When he came over he puored the shroom juice into the glasses, it was perfectly equal. Then we started to chug the juiceit was 6:50. Ten minutes after I drank the juice my feet and fingers had turned numb. This is normal but it usually happens 20-40 after you drink it. I was chilling waiting for the bus to come. When the bus came I got on and sliped on the stairs. After riding on the bus for 10 to get to school, it hit me hard. The whole football was melting, and I knew that this wasn't good. But I played it off, by just acting normal. While walking down the hall I was hearing sound tracers(I have heard sound tracers before, but this was totally intense). During this first hour of tripping I was tripping harder than ever before!(even harder than 3 hits of blue gel) I was scared shitless. When I went to my first period class "GYM" I thought that everything would be okay. I was so fucked up I could not even dribble a basketball in gym. I was seeing shit that not even in my wildest dreams could imagine. I don't rember much, but when I bent over to pick up backpack, I threw up. Nervous and paranoied, I new I had to swallow it so I would not get cought. After that class was over I was headded to Science. I stopped to get a drink, cause I knew it would be best for me. While in Science class I was think about how swallowing and breathing and stuff. After that I noticed that I in the back of my mouth I started to cough and cough. I started to cough up blood. I spit it in the trash can, tring to hide it away from everybody else. I knew that I still hadn't reached my peek. I put my head down on the table and tried top rest a little bit. I was getting tired, and cold and to tired to do anything. I woke up in a hurry from lack of oxygen. I noticed that I couldn't breath, and could live much longer. I saw my whole life flash before me, and new that I needed to get some help. The only thing that I rember saying the whole time was "I would kill to be sobor, I would kill to be sobor, I would kill to be sobor" So I asked to go to the nurse, so I could lay down and relax and catch my breath. After the intensity of uncontrollable cying, peeing, and shortage of breath, and that bad experience of coughing blood running, I knew that I had to go the hospital, I knew that I needed so help. I didn't want to die, and I new that I was because I forgot how to breath. I headed to the coulslers office to confice to my mistake. Then all of a sudden I was being asked millions of questions like?, How long ago did you take them?, Where did you get them?, What is your name?, What is your birthday?, Why did you do this?, Did you cook them this morning?, What time?. I could not answer any of those questions I could not think. About twenty later I was ridding in an ambulance, with needles sticking in my arms, people taking blood, Iv's, and shots. Having needles stuck in your arms, when you are on drugs is absolutly a trip. When I was in the hospital I was think about my friend who did this with me, and what happended to him. He said that his trip was good, but was over a 10:00. My trip lasted until 3:30. I guess that it was just chance on who took which cup to drink in the morning. I don't think that anybody can trip any harder than I was. I am now writting this at home, cause I am kicked out of school for the rest of the year. Life goes On!

Jake (Cy-Fair High School)

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