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true lives'

i could write for days about my first trip on sid but this is the shroomery and i want to tell you all about my first shroom experience.

i could write for days about my first trip on sid but this is the shroomery and i want to tell you all about my first shroom experience.
it was a FRIDAY night extraviganza friends drugs and fun
yeah right i had taken about a 5grams of shrooms as did my buddy "cuz" we waited about 30 min and nothing happened so we went to a party w/about 10 close friends. after about an hour sence we ate the raw shroomies i got this overwhelming sensation of angs-zi-ity waiting for the trip to start poppin'well need i say more. A bad trip i had coming on even though i was very excited about trippin i couldnt help the bad feelings. Not wanting to bring my friend down too, i kept it to my self but he had a look on his face i cant forget it was like "WHAT THE FUCK!?" big eyeballs a clamped jaw and very tense. 15 min. later i began the beer drinking
and through the night of socializing and about 8 beers later noting could cange the same feeling i had no visuals no uncontrollable laughter NO FUN not even a buzz from the brew. there was no doubt that the shrooms were working for both of us. but we had both had a bad trip.
we had later talked about the shrooms we did and all our friends thought we were on crack because of our facial expressions. we both went to bed early (for us)that night(about 2am 4hrs after doseage) and i had the most realistic night mare ever!!!!
Actually i dont think i slept much because i kept waking up just before certian death or losing a loved one all the shit was very phycic like my past life i had lost in NAM and the shit was so real i didint believe that I was ME but that i was a helocopter pilot w/a family back home i remebered spacific faces even his own wife,parents, co-piolt everything else is to foggy like his DOB and home town even though i dreamed about them,this guy's whole life was in my head somewhere. the clearist part of my dream though was my/his death a surface to air missile hit us in presumably friendly territory about 5000feet off the ground i tried to dive in the opposing direction but niether one of us reacted fast enough the missle tracked us and blew up about 15 feet in front of us blowing the canopy controlls and my leg and arms away i felt this burn (deffanitely the most pain full injury) i mean i really felt it in real life my co-pilot was burned beyond recognition even though i believed we were both contious at this time is when i remember falling again his whole life flashed in my mind form the first memory of being a baby to school to starting a family then though his lateist missions every detail was there every sensation he had felt all of his unansered qustions were clearer than before. if only i could of hit pause but this shit was real and theres no stopping gravity in an instant i had a fearfull bliss of my life ending and a sorrow of what I had lost ,his place in his family and his support for them. i remeber the ground accellerating towards us and for the next few seconds my eyes wide open the tops of the buildings going by and then we hit water i remember the water too thinking im still alive. but i knew i was done.
"SHIT THATS HEAVY OGOR" is what cus told me but i think he believed me. he told me of his nightmare but it was about our friends dying a grusome death and of his own natural but early death he said i would die an old man this time but slowly and by gunshot. go figure
am i crazy?? mabey but the most creative mother fucker cant dream this shit up in EVERY DETAIL in a sober life and only I know what happened even though i cant get in touch with it any more but the shit was real in the sense of touch sight hearing semll and taste so yeah i believe in esp and reincarnation now but i still belive in a higher power how else do you explain my experiance?
i could write ten pages on acid driving in unfamilier territory and a successfull 70mph attempt at 90degree trun on a dirt road and a mile later i rembered the sign thats said slow 20mph it took two min for my buddy to say "OH SHIT!, am iwe dead?" (exact words)

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