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my friends went shrooming and got a lot of shrooms.

my friends went shrooming and got a lot of shrooms. all of the shrooms went into tea. they made like four gallons of potent azz tea. they called me over to drink a glass. i was grounded so i had to sneak out. the thing that was crazy was that it was my first shroom trip and i had to be alone at my house. i drank a glass of tea and left my friends. i had a long walk home. as i was on my way home i started laughing for no reason. then things started changing around me. things got extremely bright and changed shape. i knew where i was but it was as if i had never been there before. this happened 20 mins after drinking the tea. then when i got home i really started to trip. i was watching tv and everyone was weird looking people had no faces or were talking in weird ass languages. i could'nt understand any show i watched i would just laugh at how crazy everything looked. besides the tv everything around me was alive. the couch the tv the floor the walls everything was moving. later into my trip two of my friends came over. they moved all slow and made weird faces. i didnt know what they were saying and i could hardly talk correctly. after they left i felt lonely and didnt know why i was living i kept thinking that i didnt have a life and that i was a loser that i did nothing with my life. it was hard to keep those thoughts out of my head but i pushed them away. eventually i decided to get up from the couch every room in the house was a different world with different experiences. the whole trip was awesome. i only wish that i wasn't grounded because i felt like i was on coke i had to go somwhere and do something but i couldn't. that feeling didnt ware off until an hour or so after the trip was over. i reccomend doing shrizooms cause they are fun but you should be with friends and be able to leave the house. but leaving the house isn't a good idea unless you have your trip under control and wont act like a dumbass. if you're tweakin out and actin like a crazy person people will call the cops. especially if you go near there cars houses or businesses. i learned that the hard way with trumpet tea.

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