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Tripping with the Gods

135 lbs.

135 lbs. 19 year old male.

It was Halloween a couple of years ago and I had gotten a bag of shrooms to share with my buddy to celebrate the night. The guy that I got these from had gotten a new shipment in and told me they were out of this world. There were a lot of people coming to this party but this didn't bother me b/c I was a reasonably experienced tripper at this point.

So I broke them out as soon I got there and grabbed some orange juice to down them with (orange juice has a great effect with shrooms by the way.) I had my eyes on one of the shrooms since I first got the bag for it was about 7-8 in. from cap to stem. The cap was about as big around as a coke can and the veil had just broken which means it's more potent. So I split the cap in two and gave the smaller part to my buddy. HAHAHAHA!!! We always cut our shrooms up and swallow them like a handful of pills. I ate the whole stem myself. He ate smaller ones. I know I was a greedy buddy fucker.

Since I had drank the orange juice I started seeing visuals about 5 minutes after consumption, to my amazement. I know that I was in for a ride but I was still in touch with reality. I could tell that reality was slipping away faster and faster for I started to sweat a little which made me a little panicky. So I go upstairs to grab some water and come back down when I see everyone dancing and a fog machine is blowing fog. I sit down and a few minutes later the fog shoots staight into my mouth and I run upstairs to the bathroom and start throwing up.

I had dressed up like one of the robbers from the movie DEAD PRESIDENTS. So when I looked in the mirror and saw my face completley white with black rings around my eyes it freaked me out to say the least. I didn't go back downstairs after that.

I stayed in the living room and began to confront the fact that I was going to die. I told myself over and over that I wasn't ready for it but I didn't know whether I was talking out loud or just thinking. I even heard an ambulance coming and I waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the paramedics to bust thru the door.

I could see it all in my mind. They take me to the hospital. My parents would be there along side the cops. Then I’d get kicked out of the military. So many terrible things went thru my mind and I only wanted to see my parents who were next door. Luckily I didn’t go though. They would have never understood.

So I just sat there on the couch and proceeded to get comfortable with my fate. Then it dawned upon me that none of the stuff that was going on around me was real. So in that moment I knew that I had to be a god, for I was creating everything around me with my mind. The couch became my thrown and everyone that approached me took the form of a witch or monster that was trying to take my power. But this did not scare me for I was a GOD. So I proceeded to cuss out everyone within an earshot. So they all left me alone and went into the next room.

I could hear an army of evil monsters clanking there swords and screaming madly in the next room in preparation for an epic battle as a sat on my thrown. But this was pointless for I was invincible. So I decided to get up and take a piss in the corner of the room, since it wasn’t really happening of course.

I decided to get up for a minute and walk around so I went into the next room and convinced myself that I could fall thru the floor. It didn’t exactly work and what I felt as pain from this attempt was nothing in comparison to the journey my mind had just went thru. So the pain receded almost immediately.

After I started to come down a little I realized that no one was really trying to take my powers but I still was a god. So I decided to teach my children. I told them of how there is no actual reality. My reasoning was that if you put a drug, chemical, stimulant or whatever in your body and it makes your mind see things that aren’t really there and totally fucks your thought process up, well then who’s to say our minds aren’t fucked up all the time? It still makes since to me but that’s not really what I believe.

So when I got to the point where I realized that I wasn’t really a god I convinced myself that I had to be dead. This freaked me out. I once again started thinking about how I was too young and not ready. It took a while but I calmed down after that and got to sleep.

When I woke up I apologized to all of my friends and they understood. One of my buddies told me that I jumped up and grabbed his throat and threatened his life or something really bad like that. I learned my lessons and don’t regret it. I know now to be safer and find a comfortable place with less people to trip at. That night will be with me for the rest of my life.

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