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Tripping RD.

My name is Ken.

My name is Ken. I've been tripping for 25 years. I am the
trip-man. Anyway, it was June 3rd , 93. I was Headdin' out
to an awsome hippie/slash-getshroomedfest! It was in Ocala
Fla. I had to ride my Harley all the way from my apt in
Ft.Lauderdale up there. I happened to have had 85 shrooms
that mornin' with a case of beer and a bottle of whiskey.
(fine) a normal day for a guy like me. I was feelin' superb
seein' smufs and dancin' carpet-men. they were great.
We sang a few dead-head toons from 71. These s.o.b's
knew more songs than me. I jigged (danced) And passed out.
Igot back up and they were still singin'. I asked the
yellow smurf the time. He was pissin' all over the
carpet men. I looked up at the clock and the hands were
actual hairy green hands smackin' the floor. I decided
to try and sober up and I did towards 2:30 in the after-noon
and all was normal. So I then got on my Harley and proceeded
my adventure to Ocala I was on the highway. Man, I was almost there ! Five pounds of weed,100 sheets of acid and
4 pounds of shrooms is what I was packin'. The Florida
highway patrol were on my ass . So I sped-up until I
could not see em . Then I downed just about the whole
bag of shrooms . The cops were behind me I stopped.
But the were not wantin' me ! It was the guys in the van
with Jersey tags. When the kept goin' I fell off my bike in relief, then it was M-f'n trippin'-time! I got back on my
bike and it started to rain ultra-violet corlors and shapes
all over. So, as I got to the gate of the rally the road
fell in and a big rainbow colored troll came out of the hole
and said "you are here" I will trip till the cows can't shit
no more dude, and i have to take over their duties.


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