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Trippin under the bed

they day had been uneventful and i was bored as fuck so i called up friend for some enlightenment.

they day had been uneventful and i was bored as fuck so i called up friend for some enlightenment. he suggested shrooms and i jumped on it. having already tripped once i was all for it. my friend JOHN DOE and i split it up at 4 grams apiece i got the caps he took dust and stems in a peanut butter sandwich. After 5 minutes i suggested some heavy smoking to start it off. after smoking{ we were high} i suggested some pure vitamin c crystals i had in my pocket after splitting the whole bottle of crystals. ingesting them with orange juice. this had brought us to a different level we both simultaneously started laughing our asses off. what happened over the next hour was looking into the wood grain door he had in his room and spacing. The door looked like a geographic map or something. After about three more intense hours of full on visuals we decide to chill out with a black light and some music. The worst thing we did was to leave the music on shuffle. Some how this gorrilaz song came on and all i heard was slow creeping clown music. this set off a number o visuals of demonic clowns and apocalyptic images. in addition to the clown music i started hearing faintly to myself classical music being composed on the go bY me. it was weird i had symphony in my cerebral cortex.we started wondering when would it end we both had to work the next morning at 7 it was 11 so we decide to try and fall asleep he went to got turn off the hallway light and i for sum reason rolled under his be with its ample ground clearance i fit. he returned and got in his bed.This next moment was the scariest and funniest thing during the trip as he lay there i then pushed with all my might on the under side of his mattress and rolled out to see his reaction. He screamed like tortured animal then looked at me on the ground and we both started laughing till it hurt.The next morning we made it to work alright but as for mushrooms they are sacred and are my favorite buzz

P.S.His tortured animal scream sounded like Howard dean "Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!"

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