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This was my first time to do mushrooms.

This was my first time to do mushrooms. I had done weed/alcohol/dxm before but nothing like this. I had half an eighth(not quite 2 grams) and so did my friend. My friend's brother was trip-sitting us and rather jealous since he had recently done it for the first time just a few days ago. Since I had heard of most people doing a full eighth or driving while on shrooms I didn't really expect much at all. I thought it'd be a pot high with colors being brighter - man was I wrong. We ate the shrooms(not that bad tasting) and sat in the living room, just talking. The first thing I felt, whether it was the shrooms, or the anticipation, was an extreme energy rush; I had to move around and stand up constantly. After a few minutes(about 30 minutes later total) I noticed the curtains were expanding and detracting. My friend's brother, upon hearing this, sprinted to the DVDs. He grabbed The Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc. music video and then showed us the cyber-race scene from Tron. These are probably the best possible things to watch but I was rather disappointed because I still only felt slightly high. After about an hour we decided to get in the car. For the next few minutes I was just rather sad. My friend was marveling at trees, the sky, the road while I just sighed, not feeling anything. We took a turn towards Nashville and it hit me: Hard. I instantly sank into the backseat and also into my own thoughts. I re-evaluated my life 30 times in 30 different ways in what seemed like 5 minutes. I eventually convinced myself any type of communication or movement would ruin the 'perfectness'(only way I could describe it) I was feeling. I sat in the backseat and watched the buildings go by. My friend put a jazzy song in and I felt the need to put a beret on. With the beret, jazz, and downtown setting, I felt I was an artist, and found it was fun to think I had painted the world. My friends tried to talk to me, but I just ignored them, puzzled by the bright lights and people, whom I had decided were cartoons. To let you know how bad I got: Every memory I remember of downtown was daytime: it was 10:00 PM at night. (???) My friend also gave me a CD to put away and I cradled it in my arms for an hour, claiming it was my baby...(sigh) We got to someone's house and I stumbled out, still refusing to talk to anyone. We went in the basement and I smoked quite a bit of pot. My friend, in the meantime was exploring everything like a 5-year old and doing some sort of penguin-walk while giggling. We went into the kitchen. There was a small drop in the floor as just a space between the stairs and the kitchen, maybe 4x4 feet. I thought it was a gymnasium. I rolled along the walls, marveling it's size and had quite fun beeping my phone in my pocket, driving my friend mad(he didn't figure out what the noise was until the next day, I did it for about half an hour, heh). I eventually moved to a dark room where I buried myself in my thoughts. I thought about life, would forget what I was thinking about. I kept thinking I had thought of something I HAD to remember, but couldn't. Then I'd forget about that. I'd forget what forgetting was, or forgetting meant, or how to spell forgetting. "fore-git, what is that?" I would re-enter consciousness by responding to voices. I'd say "Yes" or "yeah" or "hello" only to turn my head and see no one there. a picture of a cat on the wall pertruded out in 3-d shapes and the cat seemed to curl into a ball on my mind's command. about an hour later, which I thought was a few minutes, we headed home and the extent of my high was wearing off. I fell asleep a few hours later.

I'll give some general info I would have liked to have known before my first time.
-I'm about 140 lbs and took 1.75 grams.
-It hit me about 30 minutes later, same with friend, 45 minutes with friend's brother.
-visuals are mild, walls breath, colors change, like everyone else says.
-the #1 thing for me was mental. It is INTENSE. if you have panic attacks on anything else, you might never want to try shrooms, or do less than half an eighth.
-In my case, I did not want to do ANYTHING my sober friend suggested, even though it all sounds fun now. You kind of get so mentally focused on one thing that everything else seems pointless to do. Just let yourself(and let your sitter know) have your space and do whatever you want to do. If you want to look at a toilet for four hours, do it.
-It lasted about 6 hours. t:30 - t:1:00 was almost nothing, a light high. t:1-t:2 was an exponential increase of feelings and it lasted until about the third hour. visuals wear off quite a bit before the high does, and the high tapers off pretty quickly, but it's still a very nice feeling.
-some people claim you CANNOT sleep for hours after you do it, I fell asleep still a bit high.
-they don't taste that bad, have some water nearby and you'll be fine. (they stick in your teeth, too)
-Don't do them with sober people you're looking to hold any dignity with. You will be annoying, disagreeable, and unintelligable. I remember putting a sentence in my head together "perfectly," then when I would try to say it, it would amount to something about as sensical as "walls move...around..now"
Have fun if you try it, and good luck.

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