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trippin AND flippin

Check it out.

Check it out. I had just finished my first year of college and I had experimented with psychedelics a few times during those two semesters. I had had pretty intense acid trips but nothing to terribly intense. I would get mad visuals but i never lost my shit so to speak. I also used shrooms but i was not terribly impressed by the "magic fungus". The tripps seemed kinda mild compared to acid. During the summer i began growing some shroom spores i ordered off the net (p. cubensis). I had read that cubensis were mildly potent shrooms so I thought it would take quite a bit to get me and my friend off. Well, i grew them and the first harvest me and my friend collected about forty huge cubensis shrooms. I am telling you now we had some shrooms ten inches long --- fat and beautiful. The very same day we harvested the shrooms we ate them on a completely empty stomach. We both ate the twenty biggest shrooms in the bag (ten for me and ten for him) and we laughed and joked that we might not trip. Damn i got bit in the ass by cubensis. First of all we were riding down the road and everything looked cool. It had just rained and the road was wet and looked about ten times wider than a normal road. We both felt as if we were floating or hovering down the high way. We got to my moms house to go swimming about twenty minutes after we dosed and we could not stop laughing. It had been dark a few hours ( it was about ten o'clock at night) and we headed down to the pool. Frogs were everywhere cause it had just rained. It was unbelieveable. My moms pool is wild anyway with all sorts of exotic flowers surrounding it, and the frogs added a perfect touch. They were swimming around the pool and me and my friend would just following them around while swimming. I was having quite a bit of fun. After about swimming for ten minutes, we hoped out. I would have to say that this is the point in my tripp things took a turn, a very unexpected one. For some reason i started talking about death with my friend and this whole feeling of dispair came upon me. I have always been a pretty happy kid and this feeling was really unexpected, espeacially on a drug i am trying to have a fun experience on. I felt very uneasy and weird so to speak. My friend was also having a weird time, but he really wasnt saying much. We just got really quite. Soon, i went insided the house and wanted to comfort myself with the guitar (i play guitar by the way). I could not for my life play the thing while i was trippin. My vision was totally fucked up, and a testament to how fucked up i was is i took this brand new martin guitar and just chunked on to the floor after my attempt at playing. I had gone through hell to work and save money for that thing and I was just tossin it around. Well anyway, i sat on the couch and my friend stormed into the house and started telling me i need to calm down and that was "going insane". Well those little words did the trick. I felt i had to tell someone i was trippin so i went and got moms outta bed and told her. She didnt really panic, considering she has raised three other hellions, but she asked my if she needed to call the rescue squad. Well i mulled over the thought and told her too. My friend had objections to the idea, and convinced her not to get the the rescue squad. Personally didn't want the ambulance to come either but i was so fucked up that i didn't know what i was saying. I figured i could try to get some gripp on reality and watch a movie. I wanted to see "Rainman" and attempted to find it in the video collection. We found the movie and and popped it into the vcr. By this time it had been a little less than an hour since we dosed and the tripp was intense. I couldnt watch the movie and just had my face buried in the couch just repeating lines from the movie like, "Charlie Babbit!" and "Burn rainman, burn rainman" or something like that in the same voice dustin hoffman would do. These are only vague memories peiced together the following days and months after this trip. Basically now, as i writhed into the corner of the couch i felt as if i was being swallowed up by some big hole. Moreover, began to venture into the firey pits of hell and saw such things as Fire, Blood, Death, Insanity, and Fecal matter. I know this is pretty graphic, and i can assure i am a normal person who can function in society--lol. I was in this place of confusion for a while, and honestly thought i had died. I had visions of my parents weeping over my death, and other very morbid thoughts. It was terrible. I couldnt remember any of my friends or co-workers names, or any other such memories within my life. Well all good things come to an end and so did this trip. My friend went through pretty much the exact same shit in his trip, and we both considered swearing of shrooms in the waining hours of our trip. We both gained and respect for psychedelics and the trip was a good nut check. We didnt swear off shrooms but we now know that ten huge ones well pretty much knock you off your ass and you cant function for about three or so hours. Other insights were probably brought forth by this trip in some way or another but i am sure yall dont want to hear about that.

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