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tripped the f@#k out

it all started when one of my friends came to my house with a bag of some bomb mushrooms.

it all started when one of my friends came to my house with a bag of some bomb mushrooms. the mushroom stems had a heavy tint of blue to them with gold and silver flakes all over them. me and three of my frinds took an eight ao mushies a pice and with in 15 miunets i was trippin balls. we went out side and as we were walking down the street i was looking at the treed all around me, and the were reaching out and trying to grab me. i was scard but i was laughing at the same time, trying to run away from the trees. we finally made it to the park and we started playing basket ball, but i was the only one playing. both of my friends were just standing around looking at the stars. the basket ball seemed like it was flat because when i bounced it i didnt think it bounced back up. my blood was pumping because i was playing b ball, and that when i started tripping hard. i was seeing shit every where. i was seeing just random colors and shapes right before my eyes. i sat down next to a rose bush and the blosoms started blooming and un blooming. my friend nick was hella trippin, he climed a back stop to a bace ball dimond and refused to come down. i finally convinced him to come down and when he was on solid ground again he said he felt all wet. we looked down and he was massively bleeding. he started laughing and saying holly shit im leaking. i freaked out one the whole thing because i thought his leg was broken, because his knee kept morphing. i had a knife on me and some how i convince my self that i stabed my friend in the leg and that y he was bleeding so i threw my knife in a bush. we finally decided to go back to my house after trippin at the park long enough. when we got into my room everything was moving, the walls the bed the floor, everythign on the shelves. the light in the room kept changing from a tint of red to a tint of purple. we put the primus video on and started trippin of that for awile. when the trip started wearin off we smoke massive amounts of weed out of my 3 foot bong, and the smoke was awsome looking. i finally just fell asleep. i ahve triped many times before but this was by fan the most awsome thign i have ever done in my life. i recomend shrooms to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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