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Trip to the Farm - 1/8

I have been a smoker for a year or so, and I had tried mushrooms once before.

I have been a smoker for a year or so, and I had tried mushrooms once before. I was tripping, but not very hard, and it was not very enjoyable. The second time, me and my friends Ph, Jo, Sa, Ni, and Th went out to Ni's farm to trip and smoke and drink and play Jedi Academy because the power was out.

I had an 8th. As soon as we pulled up to the farm, Sa, Ni and I, who were the only ones tripping, raced back to the kitchen and began dividing up shrooms on the table. I started eating them one at a time, as did Sa. Ni had one huge cap, and he took everything except for the cap and shoved it in his mouth. Then he nibbled on the cap very daintily.

I started feeling weird about 20 minutes after I ate them while smoking a bowl with Sa and Jo out on the porch. Sa and Ni were completely fine. I was giggling at everything and felt nauseous.

I remember often times someone would ask me a question and, not being able to finish it, would say "Hang on" and get up and walk through the door either into the living room or to the porch. The door was a portal, it was vivid red on one side and royal blue on the other and the atmospheres were completely different, inside warm and loud, outside cool and calm. Jo was always outside, smoking.

I started to feel sick so I went to sit in the bathroom. I was sitting on the floor with my head against the cabinets under the sink, facing the toiler, in case i had to throw up. I leaned my head back and noticed that Ni's ceiling, which was white and very rough, that bumpy, trippy ceiling - shroomers know what i mean. they always melt and shit. So anyway the ceiling was melting and dripping all over the place. I said "hang on," to myself, and walked outside onto the porch. Sa had got a radio and was playing crazy train by ozzy/black sabbath and there was this circle in my mind of music notes circling around each other and in the middle ozzy was singing and everything was very bright but my eyes were closed.

this is when i knew my trip had begun. I couldn't even smoke, I was tripping so hard, I just sat on the ground entranced by the music and listened.

I went back inside and got scared: Jo had eaten Ni's big mac and Ni was flipping shits, he punched joey really hard in the arm and for some reason i started freaking out. i was so scared. this is when my trip started to go bad. i laid down on the couch and tried to control myself but i couldnt get comfortable, i kept writing and shit, and i was watching American Pie but i couldnt concentrate and it was really weird.

i remember one time th was running around with ph playing paintball and th came in and was like "i was running around and ph shot me" and he turned and his leg was all bloody and shit but it really wasnt i was just tripping.

i started to come down and i remember everyone hugging me and calling me doey-eyed because i was having a bad trip and sa and ni were having fun. eventually i came down but i had no concept of time, i started tripping at like 7:30 and ended at about midnight but when i came down it felt like it was the next morning or something, and the whole time i was tripping felt like it took a whole day.

mushrooms are crazy. go slow.

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