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Trip to hell and back on Amanita muscaria

Okay now here is a little background about myself.

Okay now here is a little background about myself. I’m a tall, skinny and lightweight guy. I’m usually very sensitive to any type of drug and get fucked up more than any other person does. I’ve done shrooms before, but they were the psilocybin ones, I’ve done E a few times and I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my time. Also Ive done random pills ie, tranks, adderall and others, and ive done salvia like 20 or so times. Now this experience with the Amanita was quite different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. I went to hell and back. I would suggest to anybody to read this before trying these mushrooms

It all started on March 2, 2006 at around 3:30pm. I consumed approx 16g of this mushroom. Now I did do a lot of research and people said that after consuming only 5 or 10 grams they felt little or nothing and I wanted a good strong experience. So I ate half my bag that I ordered from I am shaman. If it makes any difference they were the African Grade A caps. And people say a good dosage is anywhere between 15g and like 25g so dosage should have been just fine.

While consuming I knew there were three stages to this mushroom, the first being nausea. I never experienced this stage and before I could finish all of my dose I was feeling stage two, I felt very intoxicated but I had a lot of energy as well, like I just took some really good E or something. Anyways, I finished my dose and it was around 4pm and I call up my buddy, D, who wanted some of these mushrooms as well. I get to his house and he consumes the other half of the bag (approx 16g) and it just goes to hell from here. I’m sitting on his couch trying to not pass out, I felt very tired and I was going into this dark abyss. My other friend, (there were three people at his house, myself, D, and C), C, he didn’t consume any he was our babysitter I suppose. But C kept hitting or kicking me and that would bring be around and I would return from the dark abyss. Well after maybe half an hour or so I get up off the couch after noticing that everybody was in D's room. I join them all and sit on his bed. Everybody else is at the computer. I have no recollection of what happened in the "real" world after this. While sitting upon D's bed I took a trip to hell.

I entered the dark abyss as ill call it because there really is no other way to describe it. I was like "passed out" but from what I hear from people after this experience I was talking and moving so :S yeah I dunno. But anyways it was total darkness nothing seemed to exist except for me, but I couldn’t see anything, all was black. This is where my hell began. There was a word that was repeated over and over and over, really fast much like a broken record but sped up like 2000x and it was just this one word repeating over and over. It was in my voice but I didn’t understand it for a while. It was like an endless cycle of this word. It’s VERY hard to describe this part but I will do my best, one would have to actually experienced this to have ANY idea how severe and hellish this experience was... The word repeated over and over and it was in my voice for a while but what’s weird is after a while it was my voice and at the same time my buddy B's voice and D's sisters voice so it was like all three voices but not, if that makes any sense. Well anyways I finally figured out and understood this voice. It was in fact an endless cycle and I was very much a part of it. Every time I said ANYTHING it would start this cycle all over again. It would repeat on and on in my voice.. What I believe is while I was in this abyss and hell, that I was connected with myself from an unlimited number of alternate dimensions or realities and we were all stuck in this hell together, some have been there for a very long time and others like myself not so long. And whenever anything was said by any of us it started the cycle over again and you had no control over anything and had to say the words spoken.. A new me as ill call it entered the hell and started the cycle over and this time I was apart of it and yeah it was really scary. Well this lasted for what seemed an eternity then the words changed without changing... Instead of being one word repeating over and over it turned into a song.. A song by the Kottonmouth Kings but it was in my voice and there was no musical sounds other than my voice... And it was continuous and never-ending... What’s weird is it was like it was always this way like it was never anything else but this song... And nothing existed except for this abyss and the voice. I completely forgot about the outside world and yeah its really hard to describe and explain any of this experience so I hope I’m doing a good job and I hope you guys understand what I experienced.

But yeah, anyways after a while of being this continuous song it changed yet again, hell became smaller or seemed to be smaller and the words changed but I don’t remember what to and the voice was different but I don’t remember why or how exactly. All I knew is that my hell became smaller and I couldn’t escape. D's mom returned home sometime while I was in hell and tried to get me to respond but I guess I was just laying there unresponsive stuck in my own little hell. What happened later is I guess she called my mom, not wanting to get police or anything involved.. So my mom came and I guess tried to get me to respond and I never heard anything from the "outside" world all I knew was this hell and it’s like that’s all that ever existed and it would always exist and always has existed. Anyways I guess my mom and my friend C loaded me into the car and they took me to the hospital. During the car ride that’s when I started to "hear" voices from the outside world. I could hear my mom talking to me a little bit but I couldn’t respond and I was stuck in my hell with the endless cycle of words repeating and yeah It was really bad and I was really scared. She later told me that in the car I kept saying Fuck and I’m sorry over and over, I wasn’t sure why but now I believe I know why. I had to say fuck like 2000 times to end my part of the cycle so that it would eventually come to an end, and I kept saying I’m sorry because I was talking to all of the “me’s” that were in the hell with me, I apologized for making the cycle go on and on like it did. And the voices in the hell kept telling me to shut up and go to sleep it was weird. I guess every time I even thought a word it started the cycle over with those words and yeah It was just awful... But yeah I kept being told to shut up and go to sleep and the voice doing that was D's sister's voice :S I didn’t want to go to "sleep" in this hell though I thought I would cease to exist if I did.

After all that I arrived at the hospital and this is where this experience gets REALLY BIZZARE. I was traveling back and fourth through time.. I hope I can explain this part okay because it was both scary and interesting. What happened is I was being unloaded from my car onto a stretcher and the doctors kept asking me questions. The voices asking me questions would be like a few minutes ahead in time than I was. I would wait for my body to "catch up" and I would answer the questions minutes after being asked. But what’s weird is my mom said I was answering the questions very quickly and yeah it was really bizarre. Anways I was on the stretcher and I saw myself go through this one hallway like 30 times just over and over and then I found myself in a room with a doctor there and I was really confused I thought I was on a different stretcher too because the one I "saw" myself on in the hallways was different then the one I was on in this room but no they told me it was the same one. So yeah I really hope I described this all well and accurately as it was one hellish experience and the time traveling was VERY bizarre and hard to explain, one would have to have the experience to even have a slight idea of what this was like.

With that all said the doctors are worried I may have ingested a poisonous mushroom and my liver could be destroyed. I have to go back in a little while for some more tests, I really hope that ill be okay because I’m not ready to die and I’m way to young, I’m only 18 years old. Oh and for the places that said the effects of this mushroom only last 5-6 hours well its now been 24 since I ingested them and I still feel really "weird". Everything seems dreamlike and it’s like I’m floating. I’m not sure if this all is real or if its all just a big hallucination. I don’t even know if I’m alive or dead. :S Its really crazy and bizarre but yeah just wish me the best and pray for me and all that. I hope you all found my story to be a good one and I hope that it makes sense for I’m not sure how great I can write right now lol. Anyways I hope that anybody considering trying Amanitas has read this and wont, they aren’t any fun and aren’t worth it at all. Maybe I just had this experience because I OD'd and had way too many, maybe not. All I know is I did my research and 16g should have been an okay dosage.

I would appreciate feedback from people that have read ALL of what I have written. And if anybody has had a similar experience from Amanitas I would love to talk with you about it on msn or yahoo or something. Or if anybody else wants to talk with me I’m more than willing and would love to discuss this with people.

*I have a topic on the boards about this and after much thinking it is very similar to a very intense salvia trip gone bad and instead of 3-5min it was about 5 hours.... Very bad experience and I dont think ill eat a mushroom for a long time now... And I dont think level 5 even begins to describe this trip...*

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