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Trip in Moscow

As i took the shrooms first time i sat at my pc and i was waiting.

As i took the shrooms first time i sat at my pc and i was waiting.......
The activity seemed not to appear for a long time.
Suddenly i felt a huge and strange impact in my brain.
Every item began to transform. The cups, books, pictures were dancing as a wave of a river.
I stood up and came to the window to look at my town.
Wow! it was amazing!
The usual 22-stored buildings were coming nearer and outgoing.
They were covered with multicolor-strips.
The quantity of lights in the windows increased very fast.
Then i looked up at the sky. It was so wonderful,
The black sky with grey clouds turned into a huge Gods composition.
The clouds transformed with a certain rhythm and changed their colors.
They became so bright and mysterious. Then I looked at my town and the general landscape.
I could never think that the simple items and phenomenons
(buildings, forests, clouds, roads, people, the sky, the ground) can be so beautiful and wonderful.
But it was just the first part of the psychoactivity.

The next step was like a deep sea of thoughts.
The philosophical and reflective thoughts came into my mind.
So i went to my bed and began to think about all my life, relationships, human behaviour and motivation.
I explored some secrets of human psychics and spirit...
.... I could explain every action of a person....

I understood that the world and space consist of interdependent contradictions which are unexplainable to a person who didn t try the stuff.

All the paradoxes appeared to me.......

Evryone who tried the shrooms know that it s impossible to describe everything you see of feel.

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