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Trip destroys friendships

i ate 6 grams my 1st time.

i ate 6 grams my 1st time. Looking back it was a big mistake, way too high a dose. Me and 3 friends were gathered at my friend drew's house and all took between 4 and 6 grams each. During the onset there was a strange, tension filled silence. Eventually we all were getting very messed up and started play fighting. I accidentily kicked my friend drew in the shin really hard so he punched me in the groin the hardest i ever got hit there. I layed on the ground in a lot of pain and was feeling a lot of nausea. After about 15 minutes of lying there i threw up all over myself and on drew's carpet. Drew's parents heard the comotion and came downstairs to see what was going on. They immediatey could tell we were all messed up so me Pete and James all left while Drew's parents questioned him. We had no where to go so decided to get some liqour and throw snowballs at cars. we each got a pint of vodka, but seeing as i already puked found it very difficult to drink. We were drinking at a small park and i finished about three quarters of my pint and was amazingly messed up. We all agreed our plan to throw snowballs at cars was no longer feasible considering our state. So we decided to call Drew and find out what happened. When we called him he was very angry that we left him. It turned out he confessed to his parents what had happened and they had called all our moms. We were all in disbelief and me and Pete somehow decided we should go to Drew's house. James really didn't want to but he tagged along anyways. When we got there Pete picked up a small little rock and scratched up Drew's car really badly. We tried to get him to stop but he refused. Me and James ran away, terriefied. We both felt very uncomfortable and i was thinking about all this shit in my life and feeling very bad. James started to blame me for wanting to go to Pete's house and i told him to fuck off and walked off the opposite way. he followed me for a bit but i totally ignored him. I saw a bunch of poeple from my school in front of some house smoking a joint. They offered me some but i was just too messed up. They were going to a party and i tagged along just because i wanted to get indoors. It had been about 2 hours since i had drank and about 3 since i took the mushrooms. It was really intense and i just passed out on the couch. After this i have no further recollection of the night. Apparently was shaking and had turned very pale. When i woke up the next morning people had drawn all over me and i was covered in shaving cream. It was 6 am and i stumbled home, feeling horrible. This was a week ago and i haven;t talked to any of my friend's since. I feel very strange and have been depressed. Im getting mocked at school because of the state everyone saw me in at the party. When in see Drew or James now they refuse to talk to me and Pete and Drew are supposed to fight someday after school because James told Drew what Pete did to his car. My vision is also changed. I see tiny blue dots if i focus on things. This trip has ruined my life.

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