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Treez... so natural


So,.....i was shroomin this one night and i had to walk home frum this party i wuz at bymyself which sucked sum royal ass. so i was walkin home and thatz when i began to peak.

i was lookin at the treez that are supposed to be natural... but they looked sooooo not natural... they were all glossy looking... so i had to go up and touh them for myself to see how they felt.. so i walked up to the tree and gave her a feel... she was sooo soft fer sum reason...
the leavez looked so fuckin distorted!! it was wierd shit
so anywayz i kep t back on my journy and i saw this bright orange little light behind me.. i then came to realization and knew that it was a man with a cigarette lit.
it looked like he was walking very very fast towardz me..
and me......being all fuct up... i began to get very scared... he got nearer and nearer until he pasted me thank god...but then it looked like he stopped...and waited for me.. i got sooo scared... i began to laugh *because i was so peaking*
and i approached the man with a laughin ass voice sayin "wut ya waitin for"
and hes like.. im looking for my cowz...
im like.... uhhhhh...so i began to run away frum him..... well i was more stumbling.. so i ATTEMPTED to run and i saw ANOTHER tree..... whoa.....this tree was so so UNREAL... the distinct features of this tree was standing out more than ever... it also had a glossy finish to it.. it looked as tho it was stained glass!!! compleatly fuct.i knew i had to get myself home... so i got home.. and i wrote sum poems about my journey... i didnt realize i did that until the next morning i woke up and found them and read them.....
they are soooooo fuct up!!...


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