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Trapped in Time Loop

Thinking back on it now, we’re probably actually pretty lucky to have made it through the night without getting busted, or worse, killed.

Thinking back on it now, we’re probably actually pretty lucky to have made it through the night without getting busted, or worse, killed.

I was fresh out of high school, and still knew I was invincible. We’d managed to score almost three quarters of an ounce of PC shrooms, plus an eighth of pot, plus several wine coolers...We’d wanted beer, but when you’re underage you’re not too picky (oh, but don’t drink if you’re underage...uh, yeah, whatever).

It was just Bill and I who were going to do all these, and we started out over at a friend of mine’s apartment. Bill didn’t know the guys and felt a bit uncomfortable (which is understandable, they’re kinda weird).
Luckily, another friend of mine called and informed us he’d picked up a few boxes of whippets and that he was tripping on acid already...Oh MAN, this was going to turn into one hell of a mind f**k! I’d tried whippets before, but never while on shrooms, but I’d heard they were almost religious (I know now that’s true!), so I was anxious to find out...But,
As uncomfortable as my friend was at these strange people’s apartment, he was starting to ‘boom’ really hard, and didn’t think a road trip would be too good of an idea. The guy only lived about a mile away, and I didn’t think I was feeling them too hard yet, so I talked him into going over there.

We tried to make it out to the car, and it was already more than obvious, we were WAY to messed up to be in a motor vehicle...Walking out to the car, our hands were filled with the wine cooler bottles, a bag of pot, and a pipe...if a cop had driven by, we would have just plain been screwed!
Behind the wheel, everything seemed normal for a bit. I knew the drive well and didn’t anticipate any problems...It was a straight shot with two stop signs, then a stop light, then his apartment complex...pretty simple...
We pulled up to the first stop sign, so problem...I look at my friend...he’s not doing too well...I drive off...
And we pull up to the first stop sign again...Pausing to look around, I realize that I must be tripping harder than I thought, and that it was really the second stop sign...but everything still looked like the first...I drove on...
And came up to the second stop sign...Ok, well that was weird...I look at my friend, he’s very pale, staring straight ahead...Hey Bill, how many stop signs does that make? He says three...Ok, now I’m getting scared...We take off and pull up to the second stop sign again...then the first...over and over again, we kept returning to the signs...we were trapped in some total time feedback loop...my friend got sick, threw open the door, and did a Technicolor yawn all over the pavement...We HAD to stop this somehow. We never did make it to the stoplight!

Luckily, I knew someone who lived off the second stop sign, so when we reached it again we headed to a different friends house...pulled into their driveway...and they weren’t home! OH MAN...there was NO way I was going to attempt driving again, and i knew Bill wouldn’t make it either!
The people who lived there had this tiny little walk-in closet sized room attached to their carport...We ended up sitting for probably 2 hours in this tiny room, listening to sides 3 and 4 of ’the Wall’...my friend was so messed up he couldn’t even move...It seemed like years before our friends got home, and we ended up just bouncing off their walls all night, I think we tried to smoke some of the pot, but ended up giving it to them, along with the wine coolers since they weren't tripping...we were too messed up.
Not the most fun trip of my life, but that time loop thing was something I’ll never forget!

Tao of Earth

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