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Trapped In Time

Just to prove a point to some of my friends, I stayed drug free for 40+ days.

Just to prove a point to some of my friends, I stayed drug free for 40+ days. When 4/20 rolled around, I knew I had to break my streak. I smoked a little and headed over to my friend's dorm. I bought an eigth of shrooms, about 3.6 grams, and ate them around 10:30 p.m. Even after an hour I wasn't feeling much, so I ate another couple of grams. My friends warned me not to, telling me that these were strong shrooms but I didn't listen. Then we smoked a couple of blunts. This is when i started to trip. The ceiling started getting all distorted and I remember laughing uncontrolably. My friends and I decided to go outside. It's always better to trip outdoors. We all just sat on a bench for an hour or two just talking and having fun. After about an hour and a half of bullshitting, we all decided to go back to our dorms. I guess this was a mistake, I should have stayed with my tripping firends. When I got back to my dorm, things weren't that bad until I tried going to sleep. Suddenly, I felt blood pouring down from my eyes, ears, and nose. I had to go to the bathroom to make sure it wasn't real. After this point, I don't really remember the correct sequence of events. For all you chemistry majors, my body was going through the third Law of Thermodynamics, entropy, at an incredible rate. Whenever I would look at my hands or face, it would shrivel up like a skeleton. I felt like I was caught in the fabric of time and that I would continue to decompose forever. I closed my eyes to go to sleep, but I had visions of doctors holding me down and trying to cut me open. I had visions of people holding me down and my priest saying that I was possessed by demons. I began to think that I would die. I felt my central nervous system shutting down. I was going through a tunnel with a light at the end. I turned on my light. I could see every little particle and wave that the light was made up of. Somewhere along my trip, I was in the heavenly realms. I felt the actual presence of God. I was afraid. If any of you are familiar with the book of Revelation of the Bible, that's where I was. Then I saw the actual presence of Evil in the form of a moving shadow. It crept up on me. My body was being invaded by it. At another point in my trip, at about the peak, I felt as if I was in the Garden of Eden. Everything seemed so perfect. I tried speaking, but was incoherent. I felt as if I didn't need language. I had crazy visuals. Kaleidoscopes of colors on my desk, sheets, and ceiling. I picked up a Bible and started reading it. I understood everything so perfectly. It was beautiful. It was like I had the actual mindset of the writers of the Bible. It was more than I could bear, and I remember crying at the beauty of it. My own blanket terrified me. I thought that I was drowning in it. I tired standing up but I couldn't. My legs had turned into slinkeys. The last time I looked at my clock it was about 6 am. I must have fallen asleep shortly after then because I woke up at 8 am from a phone call. At first I was a bit incoherent, but then i remembered. I was so relieved that it was finally over. Thinking back I really think I would have shot myself if I had a gun.

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