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I was @ this d00ds house called Jon and we went on to a field near his house.

I was @ this d00ds house called Jon and we went on to a field near his house. On this field there were millions ov mushies, so we picked like 200-300 shrooms and went in to his house. There we smoked a phat fuck off spliff with an eigth of ganja in it and felt totally stoned. We were lookin @ Pinwheel on his PC - Which we got from this site. Then we jobbed all the mushrooms in a pan and brewed em up. Once we had the shit out of the shrooms, we went to my house which is about 6 miles away. When we got 2 mine, we made a cup of Hot chocolate each and poured in the mushie juice. I gulped mine in one go and it took Jon about 15 minutes to take it. We went out side and went down to a nearby town called Kirkby lonsdale. On the way down, I became aware of a rabbit in a near by bush, then all of a sudden it became 3 times my size and started running after me. I was screaming "AGGGGGGGHHHHH! JON! HELP THERE'S A FUCKIN' RABBIT AFTER ME!" he was sayin' "SHUT THE FUCK UP, IS THERE FUCK!" So I wuz runnin down this hill screaming and then I snapped out of the little trance. Once we wuz in Kirkby, it hit us both totally. We saw carrots jumping out of the pavement and fucking running towards a phone box. We phoned up this d00d called Simpson and started screaming at him down the phone, "OH SIMPSON YOU SUCK CARROTS COCKS" about 40 odd times. Loads of other shit happened as well, like Jon tried jump of Devil's Bridge, which is like this fuck off size bridge in kirkby and I tried to stop him and cars got faces and stuff and Shops were eating humans and weird shit. This was my second trip and it wuz fucked! I cant really remebr that much as I wuz totall assed out and whacked. Anyways, better end this now.

By SiCkKiD (Will)

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