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total EGO Death

it was my best friend Chad and I.

it was my best friend Chad and I. We always wanted to shroom but always they were hard to get here in Cali. So we got hold of some and we tripped a coupe of times. The first 3 times we tripped we only ate like 2.5 grams of dried shrooms so i wanted to make the 4th trip better. We ate 4 dried grams each and went down to beach. It was more of a body trip then visual one. My legs were so tired and as we walked in the sand it seemed like we were walking 4ever. We sat ona rock and then things got so weird. It seemed like i was dead , my ego died and i started to think why i had done shrooms. i was at rock bottom and made me think bout my mom and how hard she had tried to raise me the right way and i was messing up. that day totally changed my life i dont smoke weed nomore and i think i will noly trip once more , i always wanted to trip at an amusement park, shrooms are a hardcore drug and if your mind doesnt blend with them you can realyy trip out.

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