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Total Dream

I have been preparing for a hard core trip for a while and then the other day my brother and i ate 1/4 ounce each of psilocybe azurescenzs.

I have been preparing for a hard core trip for a while and then the other day my brother and i ate 1/4 ounce each of psilocybe azurescenzs. I barely know how i finished my pile because i was tripping pretty hard before i finished them, and the only thing worse than tasting mushrooms is tasting them when you're tripping hard already. After it first set in, i thought i was just going to pass out. I felt overwhelmed with tiredness and many other things. I lied down for a few minutes and then thi tiredness went away. After the tiredness went away, i pretty near stopped tripping all together. I was wondering what had happened. After i walked around my house for a while i started tripping very hard again, only this time i didn't get tired. Everything I could see kept on moving and morphing so fast that i could barely tell where i was. Eventually i lied down on my bed and totally let my mind go wherever the trip wanted. The room quickly left me. It looked like i was in space and there was a huge, beautifully colored building in front of me. There were lights and lasers coming out all around it. It look at me as if it were trying to talk to me. I almost thought it was. Eventually that went away and it was just like i was walking down the streets of a city i have never seen before. Everything looked and felt real, but i was pretty sure i was really still lying on my bed. I'm not sure if my eyes were open or not. I continued to walk around in my dream world and soon discovered that every sense i had worked perfectly in this world, and that i could control everything. I began to fly around. It felt just how i imagined flying would feel. It was awesome. I then flew up above the city and just let myself fall. It felt awesome. It was better that any rush i had ever had before. I'm not sure what happened next, all i remember i the room came back to me and i was lying on my bed again. I was pretty sure this was real because everything had looked the way it had when i was there before. I then looked at the clock and realized that only about a minute had gone by, but i felt like forever. I then began to feel like my mind had left my body and joined the light that people say they see on near death experiences. It felt like my knowledge and wisdom was combined with everything that had ever become part of that light. It also felt like i could dive into the minds of whoever i wanted at any time. This was great. It was so extremely happy and peaceful. It was the most comforatable i had ever felt. The rest of the intense part of the trip was spent lying there enjoying my euphoria. The best feelings were flowing through my body. It felt like i was feeling my thoughts as sensations in my body. It was incredible because my thoughts were so good that when i felt them it made me even happier. My being happier only made my thoughts better and then the feelings were better. Everything just kept getting better and better. About 7 hours after i ate them i started coming down, But I was still getting visuals and stuff for a couple hours. This was an amazing trip.

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