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too much drugs

ok here is my full detailed story: on monday, december 27, my friend jay and i went up to my cousins house, and we brang an ounce of pot, 6 grams of shrooms, and the 20 hits of lsd.

ok here is my full detailed story:

on monday, december 27, my friend jay and i went up to my cousins house, and we brang an ounce of pot, 6 grams of shrooms, and the 20 hits of lsd. we got there around 6 and left right for the cabin where we would be tripping. the cabin was about a half a mile away from the house(they live in hicville---many mountains, they live on a mountain basically) so it provided the perfect setting for our trip--no one to disturb us. when we got there, jay, cousin ben, and i lit up some bowls, bongs and joints, and by 10 i was already passing out. jay asked me if i wanted to eat the shrooms then and i said in a second...i passed out....he woke me up and asked me again....i said the same thing and went back into my pot dreams... finally he yells "when r we trippinG!!!" and im like "ok ill get up." he broke out the shrooms and we ate 2 gs each. that taste brought back memories of past shroom trips. liftoff occured a 1/2 an hour after eating them down and smoking a couple joints. the shrooms came on slowly and were hard at 1st to tell apart from the pot high. so we pulled out the hits and dosed 2 each. by the time i let them absoeb into my tongue for about 15 minutes and swallowed them, the mushrooms really started kicking in. at 1st i got a huge energy rush... and then came the unique mushroom visuals-- the walls started breathing and colors filled the whole room. we had many cds for the occasion and we popped in some doors. after that, we put in some cream. at this point i was overwhelmed with colors and happiness and could start to feel the acid slowly creeping into the shroom trip. i noticed primitive instincts coming from me, as if i was reborn and the 1st human on earth if that makes any sense(may i tell u that these were the best mushies i have ever had). also, i found myself always looking towards the light bulb on the ceiling of the cabin, this being because it provided me with a sense of warmthand comfort( i tend to prefer lights while on mushies; its the opposite with lsd). ben came up with an idea to throw sheets over the bunk bed in there to make a type of chamber to hotbox between the top and bottom beds. we hopped in and smoked a bong and a joint. cream was still blasting and i was approaching the peak of the shrooms. shadows in the corners would morph into weird mushroom/tribal like figures. colors flowed all ovewr the sheets. it was great!! THEN,m out of no where, it hit me. the lsd struck me like a train and the tribal primitive madness i was seeing smoothly but swiftly slipped away. now a trip into my own self being had come and the earthy, spiritual trip of the mushrooms were gone. i got out of "bens hut"(this is what we called the chamber between the bottom and top bunk since ben seemed to be always in theere that night smoking MY pot to HIS head) and just fell down. jay come out also and asked if i was alrgiht. i tried to reply saying "yes". then some how we figured we wanted to be even more tripped out and dropped another 2 hits each. (i will have to say this was great acid, the potent i have ever had, very clean, very smooth, very powerful). we popped in zeppelin 4 and listened to the whole album rising on the acid. while the album played, everything moved in a rhythmic pattern to the music. everything breathed and moved, everything trailed. my own trails would spread across the whole room. weird bodily sensations would arrise telling me that my mind was struggling to keep hold of my ego; not to let it go because the impossible may happen. but then i thought back to the psychedelic experience by timothy leary. the teachings told me when dealing with letting go of ego, to just go with the flow; let anything happen without holding on to it. so that is what i did. i sat down in a very comfortable chair and i lost my ego without anymore struggles; i was on what we called the "groove"(the flow) now . it was so relaxing. we popped in another cd, led zeppelins physical graffiti and sat back down to listen. it was by this time that i felt i was inside a big stereo because everything would shake and tremble and vibrate along with the music. the music sounded so much fuller. after a couple songs i was just mesmorized by jimmy page's guitar techniques. this is when something really weird happened. i was already into a level 5 trip or higher, and began to feel as if i had known jimmy page personally, just by listening to his guitar. it told me what kind of person he really was(a lot different than i thought he was) and how his mind worked. i instantly saw him as a god and we listened to the whole album. after it ended pink floyds wish u wre here played and everything from then on was one large peak that seemed to last years. time came to a stamd still. everything swayed in a calming motion. colorsspread all over the room. every nerve in my body was turned on and no sensation coming into my body could be controlled, therefore leaving me paralyzed in my chair and numb. the lights were turned off and shadows would not lay still. reality seemed as if i was looking into a reflection in pond, and if i disturbed it, it would splash and shatter everything there, and take hours to settle back to its former breathing self. nothing existed anymore. eveything appeared to be membrane-like material that swam in a sea of complete insanity. by this time it was about 5:30 in the morning and still i felt no signs of the comedown period. it seemed to be one never stopping trip. and i would just peak and peak and peak!!!! paranoid thoughts began to race across my mind and a fear of dying nbecame possible. i thought to my self "how much lsd did i take?? i musta took too much!!!! NO!!! wait!! i only took 4 hits!!! when will the trip stop!!!" i realized that i shouldnt struggle with it because all it would lead to would be a bad trip. so i just sat there waiting for any signs of comedown. a few years later it seemed like, almost 6(time still feeling like a complete stand-still) i passed out. about an hour went by and i woke up again still tripping hard to a new days sun. i walked out of the cabin and went blind for a minute. everything across the mountains seened so bright and lively and yet so primitive. jay soon got up after that and took the last 2 grams of shrooms. we discussed our trips and then went back to the house to find ben cooking pancakes for us. i did not eat anything that day however. around 1 o clock that day, the acid from just a few hours ago started to wear off, and me and jay dropped another hit each. i was surprised it kicked in; i thought we would have a tolerance. after dropping, we went on a 5 hour hike across the mountains and smoked the last remaining dime bag of pot..

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