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I was out with a bunch of my friends, picking these slimmy, nasty looking mushrooms.

I was out with a bunch of my friends, picking these slimmy, nasty looking mushrooms. Baots. The cousins of cubensis. Who would've known that these little hummers could get a 230lb male high- too high.
After we had picked around 5 lbs, we headed back to my car.
In the car, we smoked a couple bowls, thinkin' maybe this would lead us to a greater high, I'm not to sure.
At this time, I wasn't living at home, I was living at a chicks house. That part will come in later.
We went over to my friends double wide, cooked up these shrroms, for about an hour or so.
All of us agreed to stay with eachother through the intire high, cause we've all done shrooms before, and know how hard it is to be around people who aren't trippin'.
Pouring 3 cups of shroom tea, 1 cup per person, we had about 2 lbs left. Not to be wasted, right?
Now, I was getting pretty pissed off, cause I was not gettin high at all after about a half an hour. So, I took more. And more, and more. I eventually ate about 1 lb to myself.
Right away I felt the high kickin' in after that last shroom. I started seeing crazy shit. I started hearing crazy shit. And I started feelin' pretty grilled.
After about an hour, I was for sure that I had peeked.
My friends had all gone off outside, to experience their high outdoors, while I was left, alone, to grill. kalidascope vision kicked in, and I could't stand up. I though for sure I wasn't gonna be able to keep my balance.
My two friends came back inside, saw me, and made some coment about how my eyes were spazing. Ofcourse they were. Thats what I saw happening.
I somehow made it back to what I call home. I'm not sure how, and I'm not sure why I went back there...I told myself before I took the shrooms to not go there, cuz it would ruin my trip.
And boy did it. So, I thought I was done peekin', ya know, at this point I was pretty much ready to be done trippin', and ready to come down.
The shrooms had ideas of their own.
I peeked even more. And everytime after that I thought I was for sure peekin, I would just get higher. And higher, and higher.
I soon found myself in the corner of a babies room. The walls melted around me. The stuffed animals were trying to talk to me, and they were dancing around in circles. The crib rocked back and forth constantly, until it melted down to a pile of mud. The baby cried, for hours, and I had finally gotten up to look for the baby who was making all that racket, but I found myself turning on the radio instead. Full blast, I couldn't even understand the lyrics to the songs that I memorized.
3 hours went by. I still peeked more and more. My body was soaked in sweat. Dripping off of my face, and making what seemed to be puddles around the corner, where i had placed myself.
I was so done trippin'. I was scarred. I couldn't comprehend anything that was going on around me, and i was afraid that I wouldn't stop trippin'. The chick who i lived with, checked up on me from time to time. She knew i was trippin' hard core.
Convinced that I was either going to die, or never come out of my trip, I told her that I needed help.
She didn't know what to do.
She had asked if I wanted an ambulence to come.
I told her no, so, she left me alone.
That night was the last time I've done shroms. It was just way to much for me.*
I had finally gone to sleep around 10:00am, taking the shrooms about 9:00pm the night before.
That day, after I had woken up from some tripped out dreams, and I weighed myself.
I had lost 25 pounds in a matter of one nights high.

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