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tolies toilet shrooms

i was at my friends house havin a shroom omellet.

i was at my friends house havin a shroom omellet. beforehand, we toked up and just got the idea that we wanted to trip balls...YES! his girlfriend, who happened to have a quarter of shrooms... YES! came over and fixed us all omellets... after we ate, we all hung out and watched half baked...YES! at first, i didnt think shit happened, but then i guess i could feel myself sinking into the couch... i jumped up and ran to the bathroom, and on the way there, the ceiling fan looked like it was gettin bigger and bigger...HOLY SHIT...once i got to the bathroom, i looked in the mirror and saw the light turning a pale green... i looked at the light, and it was off! I then turned it on and decided to splash some water on my face because, i got my wish...yes, i was trippin balls...WOW... the water was freezing fuckin cold... i then had to take a piss, and when i got done, i forgot that i was in the bathroom, so i walked out and though i was back home...
then, i went to the OTHER bathroom... thats where i threw up like crazy, i blew shroom chunks everywhere! but, i guess the trip was still goin on at the time, and i had no clue that i was throwing up. AT THAT POINT... i realized, tolies toilet was full of shroom chunks... i wondered where they came from and got sick again! THEN... i walked out of the bathroom, and tripped on his dog, who appeared to be smaller than it usually is... after i fell asleep on the floor, i really started trippin... i saw a red orb of light in the middle of a blue room... there was a couch... all i remember after that is tollie wakin me up and tellin me that he found chunks of shrooms in his toilet, and he noticed it was lopsided... that was basically it.

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